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ReleaseTEAM is committed to providing custom, state-of-the-art Software Configuration Management solutions based on our many years of experience and knowledge in the engineering discipline of configuration management. To access, please login or register here.

End to End Traceability Between DOORs RTC and Perforce

Dual direction tracking of source code changes back through activities to the requirement is end to end traceability. Tasks, stories and activities should have a record of what requirement they are fulfilling. Code changes should also understand what story, task or activity they are related to. From both the requirement and the code change you should be able to follow through to the other.

Installing ClearCase and ClearQuest 8.0

Where did siteprep go? Installing IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest 8.0 in an enterprise environment. The last two major releases of ClearCase and ClearQuest have made some significant changes to the environment that long-time administrators are used to. In v7.1, the install process was redesigned around IBM Installation Manager, and experienced ClearCase and ClearQuest administrators had to learn something new. In v8.0, learning how to install and configure Websphere Application Server was added to the mix, adding a whole new list of components to be downloaded and installed for WAN users of the ClearCase Remote Client and the ClearQuest Web interface.

Setting up Birt Reports for CQ

Instructions on setting up the Birt runtime to stand up a stand alone server to serve reports from ClearQuest. ClearQuest delivers a web reporting server with versions and later. On our program, this solution was more involved that we needed – requiring a user at the keyboard, and per-user logins – and we decided to go with our own implementation. Our interest was in running reports at scheduled times when no user was present, and allowing non-ClearQuest users to generate reports without being prompted for passwords.

Rational ClearQuest API - How To Create Custom Integrations

How to work with Rational ClearQuest from other applications via the API. The Rational ClearQuest API is a collection of objects and methods that allow you to control Rational ClearQuest programmatically.

Innovate ClearQuest Custom Fields Demo

Recorded Demo of an implementation of dynamic custom fields, as seen at the Innovate 2010 conference. Tips and Tricks for implementing a flexible ClearQuest schema for multiple projects.

Installing ClearCase and ClearQuest 7.1

Where did siteprep go? Installing IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest 7.1 in an enterprise environment. The information contained in this document is a technical paper augmenting the official IBM documentation. It is intended for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest administrators and may also be useful for administrators of other IBM Rational brand products.

Build Process Analysis and Automation

Complex software projects often have equally complex build and deployment procedures. Over time these processes and procedures often become more and more complicated. As more modules and processes are added to the build process, the build tasks may reach a state where they are poorly understood by their current users, contain inconsistent across sub-systems, become increasingly fragile, and possibly inefficient in their use of resources.

ClearConn (CC/CQ Integration)

This Document is intended to be an introduction to ClearConn, ReleaseTEAM’s custom integration between Rational ClearCase® and Rational ClearQuest® from Rational Software. The introduction will include information on the concepts behind this integration, the mechanisms used, installation, customizations and obtaining help.