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WANdisco Distributed Computing Solutions

WANdisco specializes in distributed computing solutions, which include Concurrent Versions Systems (CVS) and big data processing. David Richards and Dr. Yeturu Aahlad founded WANdisco in 2005, and the company remains a corporate contributor to Hadoop, Subversion as well as other open source projects.

By providing advanced replication services, WANdisco improves system availability for both data storage and code repositories. With the progress that cloud deployments offer software development and deployment processes, WANdisco’s Distributed Coordination Engine (DConE) ensures companies have near permanent uptime and availability.

WANdisco Solutions

With WANdisco, companies benefit from a completely decentralized data footprint with near-zero outages and downtimes that reduce operational risks. WANdisco supports any ecosystem, including IBM, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle, among others. The cloud-based replication services enable development and data analytics from anywhere, at any time, without disruptions with real-time accuracy.

WANdisco Fusion Platform

By keeping unstructured data available over diverse IT infrastructure stacks, the WANdisco Fusion Platform ensures teams keep up with the growth of volume while reducing the total footprint. The live-data strategy ensures data consistency across multi-cloud, on-premises, hybrid-cloud, or multi-region cloud environments. As companies continue to expand, and teams become more distributed, ensuring every person, process, application, and site has access to the same information is critical.

WANdisco Fusion features include:

  • Coordinate changes to data using consensus across heterogeneous environments and storage systems.
  • Reduced latency by providing applications with localized data sets, while replicating all changes consistently over the entire network.
  • Data availability even if systems go down by eliminating points of failure.
  • Automated recovery and self-healing abilities.
  • Multi-directional replication allowing active workloads in every location.
  • Complete network topology support, including LAN, WAN, private and public clouds.
  • Centralized, common interface for administration and management.

WANdisco Fusion is highly extensible with plugins for Hadoop components such as Ranger, Hive, and Sentry. Additionally, WANdisco provides complete data management architecture, which includes backups, migrations, and disaster recovery.

By using the WANdisco Fusion platform, companies become a LiveData enterprise with reduced dependencies on service providers. The WANdisco Fusion Platform also supports integrations with APIs.

Additional data solutions include:

  • Replication on per-folder or per-data set level.
  • Common security protocol compatibility including SSL / TLS, and LDAP.
  • Encrypted replication of at-rest data between all platforms.
  • UI based throttling to improve network bandwidth utilization.
  • Data comparison and validation between sites.

WANdisco LiveCode Solution

WANdisco LiveCode is a multisite Source Control Management solution that ensures the repositories used by distributed developers remains consistent and accurate. Using WANdisco LiveCode, every developer always has access to the latest source code, with reduced overhead and with access via the same interface. Additionally, WANdisco LiveCode includes automatic failover and recovery support, meaning no administrative intervention is required if any failures occur.

WANdisco LiveCode features include:

  • Concurrent development work across locations without requiring special tooling.
  • Automatic backup and recovery.
  • Reduced infrastructure expenditure and IT overhead cost.
  • Implementation of distributed version controls solutions without any change to the original functionality.

WANdisco Live Code supports Git, SVN, Gerrit, and Access Control Plus repositories and applications. With replicated, consistent access to the latest versions of the codebase, teams can develop solutions and deliver releases frequently, reliably, without any service disruptions impacting the cycle negatively.

ReleaseTEAM Can Assist with Your WANdisco LiveData Initiatives

As an expert software delivery consultancy firm, ReleaseTEAM can assist your organization in implementing a WANdisco future-proof LiveData and LiveCode strategy. As teams become more distributed and software build, verification, and release cycles continually speed up, ensuring access to the data and repositories that drive your innovation become critical for continued success.

ReleaseTEAM’s experts have delivered agile software development services for more than twenty years. ReleaseTEAM offers software consultancy, sales, and support services for any type of agile implementation an organization may have. Additional services include software training, staff mentoring, team augmentation, and expert advice for the entire Application Lifecycle (ALC).

Contact us at (866) 887-0489 or info@releaseteam.com today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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