Subversion MultiSite Plus

WANdisco;Subversion MultiSite Plus;(a.k.a. “MSP”), using WANdisco’s patented Active-Active replication, is a hardened service for replicating Subversion repositories around the globe to enable fast, low latency, read and write access by your worldwide development community.  Repository byte-for-byte consistency is maintained by playing out low-level Subversion transactions in the same order at all repository replicas.

Key Features

  • Automatic recovery for sites that go offline due to networking or site outages.
  • Configurable redundancy enables you to pay for what you need.
  • No Subversion client modifications are necessary.
  • Apache and "svnserve" are both supported.
  • Integrated with Enterprise Security: both LDAP and Kerberos supported.
  • Selective replication means putting repos only where you need them.
  • Real time repository replication - no waiting for polling.
  • Online product guide.


ReleaseTEAM is the right WanDisco Solutions Partner.