Git MultiSite

WANdisco;Git MultiSite ;(a.k.a. “GitMS”), using WANdisco’s patented Active-Active replication, is a hardened service for replicating Git repositories around the globe to enable fast, low latency, read and write access by your worldwide development community.  GitMS replication enables redundancy for Git “Upstream” protecting your company’s critical intellectual property.  Repository byte-for-byte consistency is maintained by playing out Git transactions in the same order at all repository replicas.

Key Features:

  • Automatic recovery for sites that go offline due to networking or site outages.
  • Configurable redundancy enables you to pay for what you need.
  • No Git client modifications are necessary.
  • Apache and Git+SSH are supported.
  • Integrated with Enterprise Security: both LDAP and Kerberos supported.
  • Selective replication means putting repos only where you need them.
  • Real time repository replication - no waiting for polling.
  • Online product guide.


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