Gerrit MultiSite

WANdisco Gerrit Multisite;(GerritMS), using WANdisco patented Active-Active replication technology, is a hardened service for replicating Git repositories and Gerrit data/meta-data/events around the world to enable fast, low latency, read and write access by a global development community.  Gerrit provides web based code review and repository management for the Git version control system. A scalable system enabling teams of engineers with different privileges to collaborate to build software using best practices such as Continuous Integration and Trunk Based Development at all sites.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed data consistency using WANdisco Git MultiSite.
  • Automatic recovery for sites that go temporarily offline.
  • Selective Replication means Git Repositories only at sites that matter.
  • Selective Replication for Gerrit Events - configure which sites see which events.
  • Immediate update of repository data, Gerrit data, Gerrit meta-data and events.
  • Online product guide.


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