UCM Consulting by ReleaseTEAM


Unified Change Management (UCM) was developed for projects migrating to ClearCase to get started by creating an effective out-of-the-box use model. ClearCase is so flexible that many organizations find it overwhelming to use without some form of customization. UCM was an effort to identify the most common elements of ClearCase use models, and to create objects and methods that make the application more effective. Basically, UCM adds additional objects and workflow to the existing ClearCase objects.

UCM can include an integration with ClearQuest to enforce defect and change tracking with code development through the use of activities. This is part of the Rational Unified Process which describes the lifecycle of change management for IBM Rational's software development process. It also gives integrators ownership of projects and streams to allow policy and feature management by project leaders and release engineers. UCM introduced new concepts to ClearCase, such as projects, streams, activities, baselines and components. These are loosely based on existing ClearCase metadata.

When planning a new project in UCM, or in any SCM system, it is important to get the process planned out ahead of time. ReleaseTEAM will work with your organization to create a successful UCM deployment, avoiding common pitfalls when using UCM. Designing and creating ClearCase UCM projects, implementing different levels of stream development, defining Composite Baselines, importing from base ClearCase, ReleaseTEAM knows UCM.