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Tempo Software Sales and Support

Project Management Solutions

First released in 2009, Tempo provides project management solutions within the Atlassian ecosystem. The three tools offered by Tempo improves work processes between IT, Development, Consultants, and Business Units by using visual and transparent resource management solutions.

Tempo is helping teams at over 12,000 companies worldwide collaborate, plan, and schedule resources and manage budgets directly in the daily workflows. Tempo has offices in Reykjavik, Iceland and Montreal, Canada. The company continues to win awards from the Atlassian Marketplace as one of the top-selling add-ons used by Jira and Confluence customers. The tools are also available for any environment and includes pricing for cloud, data center, or on-site deployments.

Tempo Productivity Improvement Solutions

Tempo has three distinct products available individually from the Atlassian Marketplace. Each tool has a free trial available in order for you to test it before having to buy a solution. Additional integrations for mobile applications and QuickBooks are also available.

Tempo Timesheets

Time Tracking

Tempo Timesheets integrates with Atlassian Jira to improve time tracking directly from the CI/CD management tool. The time tracking solution enables reporting to produce accurate invoicing and accounting for the entire DevOps team.

The time-tracking solution simplifies the logging process, improving team productivity by reducing the need to create work-logs for activities manually. Users can start trackers directly from Jira, and add them to work-logs with drag and drop operations in seconds. Granular reports provide accurate information for each task or activity type, with time logged against issues, projects, teams, users or any custom Jira filter definition.

Tempo Timesheets’ features include:

  • My Work calendar to allocate time spent quickly onto the associated Jira board
  • Time views and reports based on different sets of criteria
  • Saving reports in XLS, PDF, and CSV formats
  • Mobile timesheet application to track work while on the go
  • Timesheets logged and submitted directly from Slack
  • Governance with review and approval of time entries and complete logs for traceability

Using Tempo Timesheets, you can drive customer satisfaction by reducing billing errors without increasing the overhead of your CI/CD teams and resources.

Tempo Cost Tracker

Effortlessly Track Project Costs for Jira

Utilize data from Tempo Timesheets for Jira and transform your teams’ time into tracked project cost and project revenue. Easy to set up and use with seamless Jira integration. Simply define the project scope, add a fixed budget, set hourly and billable rates, and track expenses. You can even share your projects across your organization.

See the value of projects and your team’s efforts

  • Visualize your team’s efforts with regard to cost in addition to time with critical KPIs, budget, actual costs, revenue, and time spent on projects
  • View each project with a simple to use financial picture, including complete visualizations organized by individuals and by teams
  • Get a high-level view of all your projects and their status
  • View labor costs, revenue and time spent by project, by role or by category

Tempo Budgets

Budget Planning

For finance management and budget planning, Tempo Budgets is an intuitive solution to manage projects and portfolios for both CAPEX and OPEX. As an agile budgeting tool, you can navigate budgets and creeps from a powerful overview that supports filtering and customization. Tempo Budgets also come with dashboards that show you early once a budget creep becomes likely, allowing you to intervene with corrective actions.

Tempo Budgets enable you to:

  • Quickly track and manage budgets for each project or portfolio from a single overview
  • Monitor team and project performance against money spent and work completed
  • Adjust forecasts based on accurate information and before creeps occur
  • Define scopes and schedules including budgets to improve financial management on your projects

Tempo Budgets also embraces the Earned Value Management (EVM) methodology and is the only Jira based financial management tool that allows for agile planning with CPI and SPI indicators.

Tempo Planner

Resource Planning

To enhance resource planning and utilization, Tempo Planner streamlines the process to find available team members quickly and maximize your productivity. Tempo Planner allows you to quickly report on teams, roles, or users while also enabling you to plan and approve work requests efficiently. As part of the solution and integrated with Jira, you can assign teams and users to backlogs and set up custom schedules for holidays.

Capacity reports show you where allocations and assignments create bottlenecks, and timeline management features provide you with the ability to adapt work accordingly. The Tempo Planner reduces the overheads generally associated with accurate resource management.

Tempo Planners capabilities include:

  • View resource overviews and find under-utilized teams or users quickly
  • Plan and approve work requests directly in Jira and on the associated backlog items
  • Reports that show individual team member’s work allocation and availability
  • Easy adjustment of assignments using a timeline versus backlog planning system

ReleaseTEAM and Tempo Project Management Solution Implementation

With the speed of release cycles always contracting, using a project management solution that ensures a reduction in overhead is critical for DevOps teams to remain productive. In order to streamline your time management, resource planning and financial controls, let ReleaseTEAM assist you with implementing Tempo’s project management solutions.

ReleaseTEAM has served in the trenches of the Software Development Revolution, becoming the leaders in CI/CD pipeline optimization initiatives. With services that include staff mentoring, training, team augmentation and including software sales and support, ReleaseTEAM can guide your implementation project towards success.

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ReleaseTEAM has been at the forefront of DevOps process adoption and specializes in all the technologies and processes involved. They provide sales, training, staff mentoring and augmentation, support, and consulting services for the entire SLC.

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