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Tasktop Tool-to-Tool Integration Hub

With many new tools becoming available or operating in silos due to legacy constraints, Tasktop solves the issue of tool-to-tool integration for you. Giving teams the ability to connect specialized tools that enable the CI/CD pipeline, Tasktop improves the process efficiency of any DevOps organization. The software is premium licensed, with no trials available.

Founded by Mik Kersten and Gail C. Murphy, Tasktop is a project to product management tool based on the Mylyn technology developed by Kersten while completing his Ph.D. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tasktop also has offices in Austin, Texas and London in the United Kingdom.

Tasktop Integration and Tool Connections

During the Continuous Integration and delivery process, isolated tools present a major risk for any DevOps team. Information flow between functions need to be comprehensive and complete, and resorting to traditional email correspondence can cause requirements, dependencies, and features to be lost during the process.

Tasktop solves this issue by generating tool integrations via advanced mapping and behavioral controls. Providing teams with a complete landscape view of the tools involved in every part of the CI/CD pipeline, you can easily connect and establish information flow controls and status checks using Tasktop.

Tasktop Tool-to-Tool Integration Features

With Tasktop, you can create bi-directional tool integrations that ensure each passing of information is controlled, accurate, and complete. Additionally, you gain bulk-mapping capabilities by using project models, saving 75% of the time required to perform the setup and 90% of the administrative overheads.

Visual point-and-click configuration gives you an intuitive overview of each tool connection, and enables to define sophisticated information flow behavior between each application. Tasktop also provides proactive support for API changes, meaning integrations continue to operate with a simple update.

Tasktop Integration Hub Landscape View

To keep track of each mapped and configured integration, the Tasktop Integration Hub Landscape View will ensure you can easily manage and control connections for the entire development ecosystem. Using the Landscape View, you can quickly find your integrations, study the configuration models applied, and establish new integrations from a single place.

Tasktop Model-based Integration

Reducing the amount of point-to-point integrations ensures you can manage as many tools as is needed using Tasktop. The model-based integration feature can create customizable models that are easy to apply to each application or artifact. The types are reusable and you can use them to establish standardized integrations for your entire team.

The model-based integration lets you:

  • Reduce the amount of integrations required to create and maintain
  • Helps you rapidly scale your tool integrations as required
  • Standardize platform and tool integration configurations for improved consistency
  • Create more loosely coupled integrations to prevent tool lock-ins in your teams

Integration Controls in Tasktop

Not only does Tasktop come with out-of-the-box smart mappings that allow you automatically configure the integration between endpoints, but information flows can also be routed based on attribute level definitions.

This ensures each type of defect, requirement, or story will end up in the right tool, at the right time to improve oversight, transparency and ultimately, team productivity. To preserve context, Tasktop replicates containers on the fly, ensuring the information flow is complete and accurate no matter the destination.

Additional controls include:

  • Patented Artifact Relationship Management features that ensure you retain complete context control during information flows
  • Information attachments included in the integration flows, for passing documents, spreadsheets, screenshots, or process flows between tools and teams
  • Comment synchronization that further improves the integration context during flows
  • Custom transformations for unique tool integrations
  • Monitoring activity dashboards that provide details of each instance of an integration
  • Smart change detection, user management, and advanced person matching between tools

Using Tasktop, you can improve your delivery value streams no matter what your current landscape looks like. The powerful integration control features and granular context mapping abilities in Tasktop allows every team member to receive information with the necessary support details and tool specific requirements.

ReleaseTEAM as Your Tasktop Experts

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