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ReleaseTEAM offers CollabNet's Subversion consulting services that tailor the implementation of Subversion to your company's business model. Our consultants work with your organization to develop a developer network strategy, set goals, and build your development community site.

ReleaseTEAM CM consultants integrate collaborative software development concepts into the your organization to power new strategies for getting to market faster and transforming your company's relationships with your business partners and customers.

ReleaseTEAM's experienced CM consultants specialize in the set up and configuration of Subversion, our offerings are designed to ensure Subversion is successful in your environment

Subversion is the world’s leading version control and Source Code Management (SCM) solution with more than 5,000,000 users. As founder and corporate sponsor, CollabNet continues to lead the road map and contribute to new functionality with more full-time committers than any other company.

Released in 2010, CollabNet Subversion Edge* is the industry’s first distribution to combine Subversion, Apache, and ViewVC with a powerful, web-based management console. The graphical user interface simplifies installation, administration, use, and governance of the entire software stack. A built-in update mechanism notifies users when new software components are available and allows users to install the updates directly from the web-based UI. Subversion Edge provides the fastest and easiest way to deploy a new Subversion server and reduces ongoing administration time, saving tens of thousands of dollars per year. The intuitive user interface eliminates administration errors, enables easy and secure management of employee and external partner development teams, and provides critical operational analytics.

Already got Subversion?  Subversion Edge is simple to install and you can easily upgrade from your existing Subversion installation. After the first upgrade to Subversion Edge, say goodbye to manual upgrades from then on. Subversion Edge comes complete with an auto-update feature to keep everything in the stack current, compatible, and certified to work together. Hosted Subversion is also available through CollabNet Cloud Services.

*CollabNet Subversion Edge is open source software that is licensed under the open source Affero General Public License (AGPL v3).


ReleaseTEAM is the right Subversion Solutions Partner.

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