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Splunk Machine Data and Analytics Solutions

Splunk leverages machine-generated big data in order to deliver insights to organizations using patterns, metrics, and diagnostics. With a range of solutions available, the company provides business intelligence to organizations across the globe. Splunk resides in San Francisco but also operates in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

Michael Baum, Rob Das, and Erik Swan founded the company in 2003. Since its inception, new products continue to add additional solutions that capture, index, and correlate real-time machine-generated data for improved business intelligence.

Splunk Suite of Products

Splunk solutions are deployable in the cloud, or on datacenters as well as bare metal servers. The suite of products includes solutions for machine data capture, IT operations, Security, Internet of Things (IoT), and Business Analytics.

Splunk Enterprise Platform

Splunk’s Enterprise platform allows companies to automate the collection of machine data, index and structure it, and alert operations when critical failures occur. The solution provides source agnostic capturing, enabling companies to derive actionable intelligence from large sets of data. With additional machine learning and artificial intelligence based analytics, Splunk provides new insights for any type of business.

There are also free and light versions available for the Splunk platform, with different features included depending on which version is used.

Additional features include:

  • Customizable dashboards and visualizations.
  • Mobile access with iOS and Android Apps.
  • QR Scanning to access device and machine specific data sets quickly.
  • Event monitoring and alerting based on critical KPIs.

Splunk for IT Operations Suite

The Splunk for IT Operations Suite of solutions provides extensive monitoring features for IT Infrastructure, Applications, including Business and IT services. With analytics that deliver improved uptime, service turn-around and response times, as well as predictive insights, Splunk for IT Operations helps company IT departments simplify and modernize technological oversight.

Splunk for IT Operations Suite features include:

  • Unified and correlated logs.
  • Advanced metrics and total visibility.
  • Continuous monitoring of the entire infrastructure landscape.
  • Improved uptimes and outage prevention.
  • Quicker investigations and incident response times.
  • Application health and performance monitoring.
  • Machine learning capabilities that detect suspicious behavioral patterns.

Splunk Security Operations Suite

The Splunk Security Operations Suite of products modernizes cybersecurity by mitigating risks, enabling compliance, and let teams investigate incidents quickly. By leveraging analytics, Splunk Security Operations helps optimize the current security infrastructure into a real-time nerve center.

Splunk Security Operations Suite features include:

  • Analytics-driven Security Information and Event Management
  • Real-time threat and event management.
  • Behavioral monitoring with entity baselines.
  • Anomaly stitching to simplify threat analysis.
  • Machine-learned threat detection that continuously improves the security operations over time.
  • Automated investigations that reduce dwell times.
  • Support for hundreds of tools as well as API integrations.

Splunk for Industrial IoT

With the Splunk for Industrial IoT Suite of products, companies can leverage industrial analytics to prevent unplanned downtime and take corrective actions early. By detecting anomalies in real-time, teams can respond and prevent production losses. Splunk for Industrial IoT also alerts production and security staff of any breach into the system.

Splunk for Industrial IoT Suite features include:

  • Combined IoT, sensor, application, and infrastructure monitoring.
  • A single source for industrial and business performance analytics.
  • Custom alerting and incident routing.
  • Machine-learned failure probability and predictions.
  • Maintenance and industrial performance monitoring.
  • Device operational security with threat detection and rapid investigation.

Splunk for Business Analytics Suite

The Splunk for Business Analytics Suite allows teams to visualize performance data, identify bottlenecks, track KPIs, and detect problems early. With the ability to quickly identify problems and intervene early, Splunk for Business Analytics ensures teams meet the organizational performance goals.

Splunk for Business Analytics Suite features include:

  • Dashboards and visualizations that highlight bottlenecks.
  • Identify variances within business operations before they impact service delivery.
  • Tracking of KPIs in order to remediate problems early.
  • Business process performance monitoring.
  • Automatic detection of patterns that indicate business anomalies.
  • Customer pathways visualization for experience monitoring.
  • Data-driven insights that improve customer conversion rates.

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