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SmartBear Software DevOps Tools

SmartBear Software started in 2010 after acquiring three software companies that included Smart Bear, AutomatedQA, and Pragmatic Software. SmartBear offers solutions that cover testing, monitoring and API management features for the DevOps cycles.

SmartBear integrates with other DevOps solutions such as Jira Software, Eclipse, Jenkins, and many more. The SmartBear products fall into manage, design, create, monitor, and test categories of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. There are 14 commercial products available from SmartBear.

SmartBear’s Manage DevOps Products

For tracking test cases directly inside Jira, SmartBear provides Zephyr.

Zephyr as a Continuous Testing Solution

Working natively in Jira, Zephyr provides a suite of tools that speeds up the test cycles of DevOps and agile software development teams. Zephyr comes in two editions, a standalone version, and the native Jira version that operates within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Zephyrs features include:

  • Creation of test cases directly inside Jira, with the ability to execute tests and track results.
  • Automation integrations with tools such as Selenium or CI solutions such as Bamboo.
  • QA and test execution metrics that provide real-time insight into the quality of your code.

SmartBear’s Design DevOps Products

There are two solutions offered that fall under the design category from SmartBear. These are HipTest used for software testing, and SwaggerHub used for API design.

HipTest Software Testing Solution

HipTest allows teams to define acceptance criteria, automate and execute tests, as well as generate documentation.

HipTest features include:

  • A single place to define test scenarios, acceptance criteria, and maintain test step details.
  • Creation of test runs with manual or automated execution.
  • Integration with CI/CD solutions such as Jenkins and Bamboo.
  • Natural language documentation creation and synchronization.

SwaggerHub API Design Solution

SwaggerHub uses an intuitive editor to help design API’s for tool integrations as well as hosting the related documentation.

SwaggerHub features include:

  • A browser-based editor built for speedy iterations of APIs.
  • API Standardization and reusable components.
  • Centralized management of API teams, documents, and contracts.
  • Collaboration via comments and reviews, including task tracking.

SmartBear’s Create DevOps Products

For the create category of SmartBear’s products, solutions include ServiceV Pro, Collaborator, TestLeft, and AQTime Pro.

ServiceV API Virtualization Solution

ServiceV helps reduce dependencies and delays by virtualizing APIs and microservices. ServiceV supports HTTP, SOAP, JDBC, REST, and JMS protocols.

ServiceV features include:

  • Importing WSDL, OAS, and other API definitions.
  • Developing and Testing (including creating Mocks) of APIs.
  • Configuring network latency, server capacity, and edit logic of responses from endpoints.
  • Definition driven development of virtualized APIs and microservices.

Collaborator Document and Code Review Solution

As a peer review solution, Collaborator streamlines code and document review tasks in a single place.

Collaborator features include:

  • The ability to review and comment on source code, requirements, design documents, user stories, as well as test plans and other documents.
  • Electronic signatures that provide Proof of Review to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Threaded chats with full conversations regarding reviews and change or defect highlighting.
  • Integrations with GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, and other SCM repository managers.

TestLeft Automated Developer Testing Solution

TestLeft allows developers to conduct testing on both Units and UIs from a single location.

TestLeft features include:

  • Automated testing of both Unit and UI elements.
  • Integration with Integrated Developer Environments (IDE) such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ.
  • Support for CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, and others.

AQTime Pro Memory and Performance Profiling Solution

AQTime is a code profiler that detects memory leaks, code coverage gaps, and performance bottlenecks.

AQTime features include:

  • Support for languages such as C, C++, .NET, and Delphi.
  • Integration with Visual Studio and RAD, or as a standalone solution.
  • Root-cause debugging using synthetic memory and performance information.

SmartBear’s Monitor DevOps Products

The monitor category of solutions on offer from SmartBear includes AlertSite for keeping track of your software services.

AlertSite Service Monitor Solution

AlertSite provides monitoring features for websites, web apps, and APIs from within your private network.

AlertSite features include:

  • Integration with Ops and DevOps tool stacks.
  • Easy creation of monitor services from a central location.
  • Eliminating false alerts with layered monitoring services.
  • Cloud, Application, Mobile, SLA, API, and Web monitoring abilities.

SmartBear’s Test DevOps Products

SmartBear provides six different test related solutions. These include:

  • ReadyAPI – for testing RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, and other web APIs.
  • SoapUI Pro – for microservice and API test creation, runs, and analysis.
  • LoadUI Pro – to test loading on APIs, Databases, including microservices.
  • TestComplete – for hybrid object and visual recognition that test desktop, mobile, and web applications.
  • LoadNinja – to conduct quick and efficient load testing with InstaPlay Recorder to generate scripts.
  • CrossBrowserTesting – to validate code for over 2000+ different desktop and mobile browsers.

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