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ReleaseTEAM Delivers Public Sector Solutions

Public entities face many of the same problems as the private sector, with additional overheads coming from government policies while working with additional budgetary constraints. Under these conditions, agencies may think that moving to an agile development model isn’t achievable. As this series of blogs demonstrate, that’s clearly not the case. With the right partnerships and expert advice, a DevOps lifecycle implementation can be successful and improve the services offered by the organization.

More and more government agencies are embracing a DevOps strategy to update technology and infrastructure. A continuous development methodology delivers code that is reliable and releases new features in hours instead of weeks. The digital transformation of the technology stack not only improves collaboration and teamwork but also increases staff engagement and fosters a culture of participation throughout all the Business Units (BUs) and departments.

With the right tools and automated processes, every agency can deliver on the mandates expected by the public and oversight committees with greater efficiency and consistency.

ReleaseTEAM’s Service and Solution Offerings

ReleaseTEAM is an agile, veteran-owned DevOps consultancy that has served in the trenches of the software revolution for over twenty years. Our consultants are well versed in the challenges facing public sector organizations with additional control and oversight requirements. As experts in the DevOps workflows and tools, by collaborating with ReleaseTEAM to modernize your agency you can reduce the total cost, ensure the implementation’s success, and improve the agency’s ability to achieve its goals while keeping the entire system secure.

Software Sales and Support Services

ReleaseTEAM provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that will fit within any organization’s operational frameworks. With complete pipeline solutions, project management tools, extensive automation, and secured code repositories, any agency can confidently move towards a modern digital technology landscape.

Staff Training and Mentoring

Every implementation of a new technology stack requires training and post-sales support. ReleaseTEAM provides staff mentoring, group training, as well as team augmentation with embedded DevOps engineers. When it comes to transferring the necessary skills for a new suite of products, ReleaseTEAM will assist your staff in taking on the daily challenges with confidence.

GSA and Development Outsourcing

When teams are under pressure, and there is a new initiative that’s strategically important to the agency, ReleaseTEAM can assist with managing the entire project from concept to delivery. ReleaseTEAM’s group of experts will deliver the software required within the parameters defined at the outset of the project.

With GSA, the entire development ecosystem runs under ReleaseTEAM’s purview and responsibility. Using ReleaseTEAM’s resources strategically for timeous delivery will enable in-house teams to focus on mission-critical tasks and reduce undue pressure on the agency’s staff.

Find ReleaseTEAM at the Colorado Digital Government Summit in October 2019

ReleaseTEAM will attend at the Colorado Digital Government Summit hosted on October 1st, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. The event will focus on new technologies and trends within the public sector and feature many of the CIO and CTOs currently working with digital infrastructure and modern agile frameworks in government institutions. For agencies wishing to get more information, look out ReleaseTEAM’s group of experts at the event.

If you cannot wait or aren’t able to attend the summit, get in touch with our GSA or DevOps consultants today at 866-887-0489 or email us at

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