Our belief is that the best Administrators understand the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). We understand how the software developers use SCM tools to perform merges, deliveries and rebases. We live the Release Engineer duties, performing merges, integrations and builds, defining baselines and delivering releases. ReleaseTEAM employs the best Software Release Engineering consultants.

Our Release Engineers provide software and services to software engineering and software quality assurance teams. These software and services are usually called a build, release or delivery. Our Release Engineers deliver all the pieces in a coordinated fashion, recording exactly the versions of files that went into creating a particular build.

Our Release Engineers understand all the processes involved in reliably reproducing the software. All software projects, whether using agile methods, RUP or the waterfall model rely on many and frequent iterations of the build cycle, from build/test to debug/rework and back to build, before the software project is complete. Release Engineering brings consistency, reproducibility and verifiability to the build and release cycle.

The TEAM in ReleaseTEAM stands for our network of Release Engineering professionals. Release Engineers understand the entire project.

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