Synergy and Change

Rational Synergy and Change

The IBM Rational Synergy and Change Suite combines the value of IBM Rational Synergy and IBM Rational Change and simplifies licensing by offering these solutions into a single licensable product. Global organizations can now leverage a collaborative development process across the globe. IBM Rational Synergy and IBM Rational Change provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to ever changing business needs and give visibility to all levels of the development process and the evolving Enterprise Change process.

IBM® Rational® Synergy and Rational Change provide that platform by bringing together your global teams on a common repository for systems and software development. Together with its bottom-up support for achieving agility through task-based configuration management and advanced software change management (SCM) capabilities, you can enable seamless collaboration for optimal value.

Organizations need a managed process to keep track of changes to user requirements that go into the finished product. Synergy and Change feature advanced capabilities for high-end systems and software delivery. Additional integrations with solutions from IBM Rational, including Rational DOORS, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Rhapsody and Rational Focal Point, extend the solution environment. IBM supported integrations with third parties are also available.

Synergy and Change

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IBM Rational Synergy and Change

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