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The Perforce Helix Suite of Solutions

Perforce has been providing innovative software solutions since 1995, when Christopher Seiwald developed a distributed version control system with the same name. The company continues to add new tools and solutions under the Helix brand, with its Helix Core version control system enabling distributed and agile development teams to build and release software quickly from anywhere across the globe.

The company headquarters moved to Minneapolis in 2016. Perforce’s Helix suite of solutions offers improved DevOps collaboration, single repository versioning and binary controls, application lifecycle management (ALM) tools, as well as statistical code analysis and agile planning software. Trial versions of the software are available from the Perforce website. You can also deploy the tools how you want, with cloud, on-site or hybrid environments supported.

Version Control Tools

Perforce provides two version control solutions, namely Helix Core and Helix4Git. While Helix Core manages a single large repository including large binary files, Helix4Git brings the advanced replication technology of Helix Core to your Git repositories.

Perforce HelixCore logo

Helix Core:Distributed Version Control

Previously known as P4D, Helix Core uses advanced replication technology to quickly version all your source code, including large binary files, within a single repository. Helix Core reduces the time it takes for rapid development within a large (and distributed) DevOps organization. It also integrates with the tools already used in the company, reducing time-to-release with no disruptions to the current workflows.

The components of Helix Core include:

  • Helix Core Server that’s free for up to five users
  • Helix Core Desktop Clients for access to your repository and versioned files
  • Helix4Git as an optional add-on in order to scale successfully using Git
  • Helix Swarm to drive code collaboration and reviews

Helix Core gives you a single source of truth with flexible branching and advanced replication abilities. It also has a complete change history to enforce compliance across the entire DevOps lifecycle and integrate with systems like Jenkins, Visual Studio, Jira, Eclipse, Photoshop, Maya, and Autodesk, among others.

Perforce Helix4Git logo

Helix 4Git

Helix4Git brings all the improvements of Helix Core to your Git-based repositories. While Git LFS (Large File Transfer) works well with smaller DevOps teams, it doesn’t scale properly slowing down your build and release cycles.

With Helix4Git, you can replicate repositories between 40-80% quicker than any other solution. This allows you to improve build efficiencies while maintaining your source code in a single, consolidated repository.

Development Collaboration Tools

Helix Team Hub and Helix Swarm allow your teams to collaborate and review code quickly and easily. Helix Team Hub works across multiple different repositories distributed online, while Helix Swarm delivers code review and collaboration features integrated with Helix Core.

Perforce Helix TeamHub logo

Helix TeamHub

Helix Team Hub’s features include:

  • Merge request code reviews with Kanban boards for improved visibility and tracking
  • Workflows that suit any type of development cycle’s needs
  • Build artifact management and self-service project administration
  • Integrations with existing build and CI/CD development tools
Perforce HelixSwarm logo

Helix Swarm

Helix Swarm’s capabilities include:

  • Atomic Operations with multiple changelists attached to a pre-commit review
  • Comment threading to provide review feedback quickly and easily
  • Automated Decluttering and review ownership control
  • Dashboard for all action items including preference management to ensure you only get updates for items you need
  • Filtering on priority including smart filters to limit reviews ac

Static Analysis Tools

For static analysis of your build quality, Perforce provides Helix QAC as a C/C++ analyzer. Analyzers automatically check the code before the program runs to enable compliance with code standards automatically.

Perforce HelixQAC logo

Helix QAC

The compliance frameworks supported in Helix QAC include:

  • In-house Code Standards and Policies
  • JSF AV C++
  • AutoStar
  • CWE
  • HIC++
  • CE

Helix Application Lifecycle Management Tools

Perforce has three application lifecycle management tools, which include Helix RM, Helix IM, and Helix TCM.

Helix RM for Requirements Management

With Helix RM, you can:

  • Capture and track all requirements from a single tool
  • Decompose requirements into the exact features
  • Conduct requirement reviews for approval and release to your DevOps teams
  • Prioritize certain requirements over others and connect them directly to tests

Helix IM for Issue Management

Using Helix IM, you’re able to:

  • Improve the tracking and resolution of issues with automated status updates as fixes are tested and released
  • Analyze issues and establish risk dependencies
  • Integrate with both Helix RM and Helix TCM to improve the entire process’s efficiency

Helix TCM for Test Case Management

Helix TCM allows you to:

  • Create and track all test cases in a single location
  • Connect tests directly to the requirements as you capture them
  • Reduce your need for manual testing and prioritize test cases and runs
  • Functional, Validation, Regression, Performance, Acceptance, and Security Testing at scale

ReleaseTEAM as Your One-stop Perforce Helix Suite of Solutions Advisor

Use ReleaseTEAM to assist you with tool selections and implementation roadmaps when choosing a Perforce Helix solution or suite of products. ReleaseTEAM has provided expert advice and successfully delivered projects in the Software Development industry since 1999. With ReleaseTEAM, you can get staff training, consulting, work-force augmentation including software sales and the subsequent support.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or info@releaseteam.com today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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