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09:00--05/09/20185 Medical Device Trends That Will Help (or Hurt) Growth
For starters, medical device regulations are changing (and becoming stricter). Technology is advancing (e.g., IoT). Learn how medical device developers are keeping up.
15:26--05/07/2018How to Add a Grep Command to Search Your Helix Core Depot
If youve ever found yourself searching for lines of code in your Helix Core (P4D) depot, youre probably familiar with the p4 grepcommand. p4 grep is exactly what youd expect from a grep command an easy way to search for regular expressions. Theres an extension point in Helix Visual Client (P4V) in the form of Custom Tools. Custom Tools are the glue between selecting items in P4V and passing them as arguments to external programs. This lets you create menu items and tighten your workflow experience without ever leaving the application.
16:15--05/02/20186 Myths of Making Your Own Game for Free
Most video game studios start as small businesses, operating out of garages, and hoping their games will be the next best seller. Studios like Cuphead and PUBG make it seem feasible to become an overnight success making your own game. But before studios make a profit from selling millions of copies of their games, they operate with what they can afford. They plan on reinventing their workflows and buying the industry standard tools when they have money.
11:45--05/02/2018What Is Traceability?
Traceability is important in software development. But, what exactly is traceability?
09:10--04/26/2018How to Use MFA to Keep Source Code and Digital Assets Safe
What is MFA? MFA, or multi-factor authentication, is the easiest and most popular way to secure enterprise users and their data. 81 percent of data breaches involve weak or stolen credentials. And MFA can prevent that. Large companies use MFA to gate access to mission-critical systems that contain financial and customer information. Smaller businesses have also adopted MFA, often for email, because it helps to keep phishers out.
10:49--04/24/2018Is Cloud Version Control Right for Your Team?
Its clear that cloud computing is only going to grow in popularity as we march toward the future. While Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) have contributed to most of the growth in cloud computing in the last decade, investment in Platform as a Service (PaaS) is on track to nearly double in the next decade.
10:03--04/23/20183 Reasons Why Medical Device Compliance Is So Important
Medical devices save lives. But before you can put your medical device out on the market, you need to achieve medical device compliance.
10:32--04/20/2018How to Use Docker Containers to Demo Customizable Products
In this age of mobile and web apps, the most common advice on demos is, show the product a minute into the conversation, and demo the whole thing in under five minutes. If the product is simple, the primary challenges are understanding the audience, confirming they are a member of the target market, and delivering a concise demo that doesnt bore with unnecessary details. But what if the product solves numerous problems and can be infinitely customized? What do you do then? Using Docker Containers can play a critical role in solving for a demo of this type of product.
15:17--04/18/2018Helix ALM 2018.1 Improves Collaboration and Visibility
Watch notifications. Jira add-on updates. Inline images and attachments to emails from Helix ALM. Learn about all the new features in Helix ALM 2018.1.
09:00--04/17/2018What Is Application Lifecycle Management?
Application lifecycle management has been around for a long time. But, what exactly is it? (And why is it important?)