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09:00--03/21/2018Whats the Best Test Management Tool for Jira?
Spoiler alert: Jira itself is not a testing tool. So, learn what you should be looking for in a test management tool for Jira.
03:00--03/19/2018How to Plan a Prosperous Product in Tumultuous Times
Heres a 16-point plan for creating a successful product in the face of todays continuous change. Its a plan that relies on a well-made, continuously updated product backlog. The only constant these days? Its change.
09:05--03/16/2018Latest Technology Trends at Google's DevFest 2018
These days, there is so much rich information available online; you can learn just about any new technology without leaving your desk. But conferences give you the opportunity to test out a broader spectrum of topics in an efficient format. I also really enjoy meeting people and learning about new technologies IRL. One of the best things about conferences is hearing the questions other developers ask the speakers they have great diverse perspectives.
14:46--03/13/2018The 2018.1 Release of Helix TeamHub Enhances DevOps and Git at Scale
Enterprise projects continue to grow in size and scope, with more developers contributing from multiple locations. The global nature of enterprise development, coupled with the proliferation of repositories, underscores the need to manage multiple repos and repo types under a unified platform. Helix TeamHub is a great way to solve these challenges. Lets take a look at some of the latest enhancements. For a more detailed overview of the changes, please review the release notes.
14:34--03/12/2018How to Write (Better) Test Cases in Jira
Get three hacks for writing test cases in Jira - and learn about the best way to manage your test cases.
10:02--02/26/2018Which Tests Do I Automate?
It's time to doautomated testing. But how do you decidewhich test cases to automate? Automating all of your tests may sound appealing at first, but that'sboth difficult and impractical. Some tests are better suited for manual testing while some make excellent candidates for automated testing. So, you might be wondering...
09:23--02/20/2018Not All Version Control Solutions are Alike
I read this really insightful article by Marc Hornbeek from Trace3, an IT consulting firm, about the benefits of large-scale version control platforms. Hornbeek provides several key reasons why a comprehensive and scalable version control system is the catalyst to DevOps success: simplified builds, improved speed and performance for distributed teams, and faster developer workflows for cloning and copying code, among other things.
15:47--02/19/2018Bring Shadow IT into the Light
Shadow IT describes the use of hardware or software that is not supported by the organizations IT team. Often, it is referring to cloud-based applications, but it can also include open source software that is hosted on machines either belonging to an individual or repurposed from some other use in a department. The term sounds like the bogeyman is waiting right around the corner to get you. Its almost that bad.
11:14--02/08/2018Software Testing: Is AI in Your Future?
Is AI in software testing in your future? Learn how AI is impacting testing tools and what you can do about it.
08:41--01/19/2018Best Practices for Integrating Jira With Helix ALM
As teams grow or demands change, many Jira users look to Helix ALM for a single, intuitive toolset that covers the rest of the product lifecycle. But how do you get the best out of both solutions? In this article, Ill focus on application lifecycle management (ALM) best practices when using Helix ALM with Atlassian Jira.