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October 2018

Right Now is the Time to Buy or Renew Atlassian Solutions

Atlassian Gold Partner Jira Software, Confluence, Bamboo, Bitbucket

Atlassian has announced a price increase on several products of 10-25%, to go into effect October 12, 2018. Not all products are affected, but pricing on major products like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo will be increased across all license counts and for both Server and Cloud platforms.

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CI/CD Solutions for Every Budget and Every Size Team


Take your continuous software delivery system to the next level with new options from CloudBees. They offer solutions for every budget and environment, from small teams looking to modernize their environment to corporate enterprise managers looking for the flexibility, reliability, and performance CloudBees-Jenkins is famous for.

For teams who want a fast start to projects without having to build, manage, and maintain infrastructure, there’s CodeShip – CI/CD as a Service.

For the Enterprise, There’s CloudBees Core and DevOptics

CloudBees Core enables unified governance of continuous delivery operations and processes. Organizations gain optimal efficiency with the flexibility to run software pipelines in a self-managed way, in the cloud or on-premise. CloudBees Core also now includes Limited Availability of the Kube CD solution.
With Kube CD, teams can quickly ramp up delivery of cloud native applications on Kubernetes.
With CloudBees DevOptics, everyone in the software delivery process has instantaneous visibility to changes flowing through all stages of software delivery - from code to production. You can find bottlenecks and choke points in continuous delivery plus get the feedback you need.

DevOptics Free: SaaS only service designed to be used in any mix of CloudBees Core and Jenkins deployments. It offers continuous delivery platform monitoring to improve visibility and optimize an organization's CI/CD infrastructure. Data stored is unlimited, but 7 days of data will be viewable (Paid version will allow 90 days of viewable data). You can track an unlimited number of Masters, and there is no limit to number of accounts.

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CloudBees Jenkins Support - build on what you have


Modernization is key to maintaining a competitive advantage, but it’s not easy. Business-critical applications running on an unsupported platform can cause big problems and put your business at risk.

ReleaseTEAM and CloudBees can help! CloudBees Jenkins Support builds on the power of Jenkins to address the businesscritical needs of modern software development and provides a rock-solid distribution of Jenkins core, 24x7 technical support, and a curated catalog of plugins - guaranteed to work every time.

That's right, ReleaseTEAM can be your CloudBees and Jenkins Solution Provider!

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GitHub Releases Desktop v1.4


Aside from a a handful of fixes and improvements, GitHub Desktop v1.4 introduces two new features:

Detect Merge Conflicts When Comparing Branches

When comparing branches, GitHub Desktop will let you know of any detected merge conflicts, along with a sense of how much effort the conflicts might take to resolve.

Release Notes Viewable in Desktop

When an update is available for GitHub Desktop, the release notes are available right there in the app, before you update.

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Auto DevOps will be Enabled by Default in GitLab v11.3


GitLab 11.3 will bring the power of Auto DevOps to every user

Auto DevOps was made generally available in GitLab’s 11.0 release and, while it has had great adoption, we want all of GitLab's users to take advantage of its great feaures. From Auto Build to Auto Monitoring, Auto DevOps brings valuable benefits out of the box...We will initially enable this feature gradually on and monitor its performance. Barring any issues, we will enable it as part of our 11.3 release for self-managed customers on September 22nd, 2018.
GitLab Blog Post

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Must-have Atlassian Apps and Plug-ins

Slack – Atlassian - CloudBees
The CloudBees DevOptics plug-in for Atlassian JIRA Server

The CloudBees DevOptics plugin for Atlassian JIRA Server allows for a direct connection between the CloudBees DevOptics UI and Atlassian JIRA Server.

After installing this plugin into their JIRA Server, there is no further plugin configuration to perform on JIRA Server. A DevOptics user will be able to configure DevOptics with their JIRA Server URL and then retrieve details about the tickets in their Value Streams directly from their JIRA Server, instead of going via the DevOptics Jenkins plugins.

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the Confluence Cloud app for Slack

From either Confluence or Slack, you can set up granular notifications and customize which pages and spaces you want to stay updated on, including when a child page is created, edited, or commented on. That means you’ll only get pinged about the work that you actually care about –– no needless distractions.

Jira Server Alerts app for Slack

This integration will allow you to receive notifications in Slack when a Jira issue is created or updated. You can also customize which issue statuses you want to support.

Bitbucket Cloud app for Slack

With the Bitbucket Cloud bot for Slack, your team can get contextual information about your code repositories and take action without leaving your channel.

Jirafe app for Slack

Keeping track of bugs shouldn't be as annoying as the bugs themselves. Jirafe let's you easily and swiftly manage Jira Cloud issues.

7 Reasons to Include JFrog Products in Your Bitbucket Pipeline

JFrog and Bitbucket

JFrog products in your Bitbucket pipeline allows you to:

  1. Collect and publish your npm build information to Artifactory.
  2. Trace your builds easily once you have published the build information to Artifactory.
  3. Gain visibility of the used dependencies.
  4. Generate information about the build environment.
  5. Scan your builds for potential vulnerabilities and license violations with JFrog Xray.
  6. Promote your build to production.
  7. Distribute your build artifacts with JFrog Bintray.

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Docker: Beta Test Docker Engine v18.09


Docker Engine – Community version 18.09 adds these new features:

  • Built on containerd – Docker Engine’s new architecture is based on containerd 1.2, the same underlying runtime used with the Kubernetes containerd integration.
  • BuildKit is now generally available – Access improved build performance and scalability with the optional BuildKit integration.
  • Support for SSH connections to the docker host – The client can now connect to a remote Docker daemon via SSH

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Code Commit Best Practices for Streamlined Development


10 tips for ensuring quality commits and a single source of truth

Checking in code is the essential task of a version control system. Often referred to as a commit, this operation allows individual developers to contribute their work to the evolving codebase. But not all commits are the same. A bad check-in can lead to broken builds and timely regressions. Below are 10 tips for ensuring quality commits and a single source of truth.

  1. Use Short-Lived Feature Branches
  2. Have a Single Intent
  3. Keep the Scope of a Check-In Narrow
  4. Describe the Reason for a Change
  5. Make Passing a Build a Requirement
  6. Use Code Reviews
  7. Include All Affected Files
  8. Ensure the Check-In is Traceable
  9. Have Reversible Check-Ins
  10. Use the Same Policies for All Your Projects

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ReleaseTEAM Congratulates Chef on Their 10th Anniversary


Read the blog post by Adam Jacob, CTO and co-founder of Chef

4 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Might Stall


QASymphony looks at recent failures in digital transformation and what went wrong.

  1. Testing is Not Optimized for Agile Development
    • Lack of automation
    • Limited accessibility
  2. Culture & Communication Roadblocks
  3. Application Architecture is Not Ready for Digital Optimization
  4. Skills Gaps Among Testers

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The Puzzler

The Puzzler

This Month's Problem: Jacuzzi Hydromania

On the roof of the ReleaseTEAM office building, there is a humongous jacuzzi; there are four pipes available for filling the jacuzzi.

  • The first pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exactly two days.
  • The second pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exactly three days.
  • The third pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exactly four days.
  • The fourth pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exact six hours

One day Shawn wants a soak, but the jacuzzi is empty. To facilitate a quicker soak, he opens all four pipes simultaneously. How long will Shawn have to wait until the jacuzzi is completely filled?

Think you have the solution? Be sure to submit your answer with the explanation to ASAP. As always, correct responses are entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

Good luck from all of us at ReleaseTEAM!

Last Month's Solution:

Problem:Shawn deployed his AWS environment by running a Jenkins pipeline which spun up 6 server instances. These servers each ran 12 docker images. Each docker image ran 18 microservices. Each microservice had 24 API calls exposed. How many AWS environments did Shawn deploy?

Solution: The puzzle was a variation of the old Man from St. Ives riddle, and we were looking for the answer "1", however, the first response we had to the puzzler pointed out that the answer is technically 6 because the definition of an environment is the basic VM platform that the applications run on.

Congratulations Marlene C., you’re this month’s Puzzle Master!, Contact us for your prize