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November 2018

IBM Acquires Red Hat

IBM and Red Hat

A $34 Billion Deal

IBM purchased Red Hat in a $34 billion deal, nearly $15 billion more than the company’s value. IBM has often targeted the cloud platform as a strategic imperative, and looks to Red Hat's open-source products to gain a competitive edge on Amazon and Microsoft in that arena.

IBM will become the world’s #1 hybrid cloud provider, offering the only open cloud solution to unlock the full value of cloud for your business

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The New Jira Begins Now

Atlassian Gold Partner
To support modern software development teams building software in the cloud, Jira Software needed to be reborn as a modern cloud app. That meant changing everything from our tech stack to permissions and the UX. Our move from a monolith toward microservices changed the way we build Jira, and the changes we made to Jira transform the way you work with it. Developers now have more autonomy, administrators have more flexibility and advanced users have more power. Additionally, we’ve made Jira simpler to use across the board. Now, anyone who works with development teams can collaborate more easily.

Highlights Include:

  • Build your own boards
  • Redesigned issues
  • All the Agile, with more agility
  • Out-of-the-box filters
  • Jira Cloud mobile
  • Dozens of new integrations

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GitLab 11.4 Released


GitLab 11.4 includes updates to help teams work together more efficiently. Code reviews with Merge Request Reviews and a file tree for diffs, and introducing Feature Flags in alpha. Auto DevOps and CI is more powerful with PostgreSQL migrations and timed incremental rollout. Even Git is faster with support for Git protocol v2.

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GitHub Recovers Quickly


On Sunday October 21, multiple services on were affected by a network partition and subsequent database failure resulting in inconsistent information being presented on our website. We all know how catastrophic a service failure can be, and how long it can take to get everything up and running again, but all was returned to normal by the end of Monday the 22nd.

GitHub posted an apology on their blog when normality resumed…

As of Monday at 23:00 UTC, all GitHub services are back to normal. We take reliability very seriously and sincerely apologize for this disruption. Millions of people and businesses depend on GitHub, and we know that our community feels the effects of our availability issues acutely. We are conducting a thorough and transparent root cause analysis and mitigation plan, which will be published in the coming days.
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DevOptics New Features Improve Performance


Updates via Continuous Delivery

New features and updates have been added to CloudBees DevOptics since we saw it at Jenkins World. These improvements release continuously through two mechanisms: new versions of the plugin, and changes to the SaaS. On the plugin side, just update your plugin and restart your master. On the SaaS side it’s even easier, the changes will be available the next time you start your application - or, if they are purely on the server side, they will happen as you work. Here are some of the new feature updates.

  • A new USer Interface
  • Firefox Browser Support
  • CD Platform Monitoring with Run Insights
  • Direct Jira Connectivity
  • and more...

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Docker Earns High Praise in Forrester Report


The Q4 2018 Forrester report on Enterprise Container Platform Software Suites, named Docker as a leader and one of "the providers that matter most"

In Forrester's evaluation of the emerging market for enterprise container platform (ECP) software suites, we identified the eight most significant providers in the category — Docker, IBM, Mesosphere, Pivotal, Platform9, Rancher Labs, Red Hat, and SUSE — and evaluated them. This report details our findings about how well each vendor scored against 10 criteria and where they stand in relation to each other. Enterprise architects can use this review to select the right partner for their enterprise container platform needs.

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JFrog’s Unsung Hero…


…of Your Binaries’ Security

JFrog Access is the sentinel that manages authentication and authorization for all JFrog services. Packaged and installed together with JFrog Artifactory, Access keeps your binaries secure by making sure that only authorized users can access them. And then, those that do access your binaries, can only do what their permissions allow. Since Access has no UI of its own, it is operated under the hood by Artifactory and as such, is the unsung hero of security for your binaries.

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Tasktop Integration Hub 18.4 Released


What’s New

Tasktop Integration Hub version 18.4 released on October 23. New features include:

  • Pre-built Integration Patterns
  • New Point-and-Click Use Case: Code Traceability
  • Support for Trello
  • features that further minimize repository load when Tasktop scans for new and updated artifacts

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QASymphony Named Test and Compliance Management Vendor of the Year


QA Financial has recognized qTest’s value in the highly regulated financial services space by naming QASymphony test and compliance management vendor of the year in its 2018 QA Vector Awards. The awards are decided by the QA Financial editorial team and celebrate innovation and excellence in software quality assurance.

As testing moves to the cloud, and test data requirements grow, platforms that enable testers to standardize and automate quality processes while integrating with their preferred tools, are becoming essential for larger firms. QASymphony enables testers to integrate and manage the most popular testing and test management tools, including Jira, Selenium and Cucumber.
QA Financial

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Need to Write a Software Requirements Specification?


Perforce Shows You How

A software requirements specification (SRS) is a document that describes what the software will do and how it will be expected to perform.

Clear requirements help development teams create the right product. And a software requirements specification helps you lay the groundwork for product development.

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Chef Announces Two Product Releases


In October, Chef announce the release of InSpec 3.0. The 3.0 release includes a ton of bug fixes, usability improvements, and additional platform support.

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On the same day, Chef announced that Chef Workstation, first released in beta at ChefConf 2018, is now generally available. Chef Workstation provides everything you need to get started with Chef in a straightforward one-click installation, and to start delivering infrastructure automation without the need to set up any other software like a Chef

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Tasktop Connect Dec 6 Washington, DC

The Puzzler

The Puzzler

This Month's Problem: Pilgrim-panic

Four wild turkeys are strutting quickly along a very narrow ledge when they encounter four other wild turkeys coming the other way.

Everyone knows that (or at least they do now), that a wild turkey will never go backward, especially when on a precarious ledge and so close to Thanksgiving. A turkey will climb over another, but only if there is a turkey-sized space on the other side of the turkey they are climbing over.

The turkeys, in a panic to avoid hungry Pilgrims, didn't see each other until there was only exactly one turkey’s width between the two groups. How can all turkeys pass, allowing both groups to go on their way, without any turkey backing up?

Think you have the solution? Be sure to submit your answer with the explanation to ASAP. As always, correct responses are entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

Good luck from all of us at ReleaseTEAM!

Last Month's Solution:

On the roof of the ReleaseTEAM office building, there is a humongous jacuzzi; there are four pipes available for filling the jacuzzi.

  • The first pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exactly two days.
  • The second pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exactly three days.
  • The third pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exactly four days.
  • The fourth pipe can fill the jacuzzi completely in exact six hours

One day Shawn wants a soak, but the jacuzzi is empty. To facilitate a quicker soak, he opens all four pipes simultaneously. How long will Shawn have to wait until the jacuzzi is completely filled?

Solution: 4 hours, 43 minutes and 17 seconds, approximately

  • In 1 hour, the ratio of swimming pool filled by pipes:
    • 1st pipe: 1/48
    • 2nd pipe: 1/72
    • 3rd pipe: 1/96
    • 4th pipe: 1/6
  • In Total :
    • 1/48 + 1/72 + 1/96 + 1/6
    • ☞ (6+4+3+48) / 288 = 61/288
    • ☞ 288/61 hours, which is 4 hours 43 minutes and about 17 seconds.

Congratulations Jim H., you’re this month’s Puzzle Master!, Contact us for your prize