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December 2018
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DevOps Is More Than Tools

DevOps promises significant benefits: improved collaboration between teams, continuous software delivery, continuous testing, increased innovation and automation, improved quality and higher ROI. Your organization is interested in those benefits, but implementing DevOps is more difficult than merely choosing a tool and setting a mandate. Where should you start your journey?

Choosing a Starting Point

The first step to implementing DevOps is evaluating current and new projects where DevOps can help break down bottlenecks and deliver value. New software projects, with new teams, can quickly adopt DevOps without fighting ingrained patterns of behavior or duplicating work from legacy systems. However, existing projects may realize the most return on investment by making the leap -- if you have first evaluated the bottlenecks in the current software development process and have established precise requirements for the DevOps implementation. This process is completed during Value Stream Mapping.

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