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The Jira Service Management (JSM) Solution Brief white paper

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Legacy Service Management Tool Migration Services

Modernize Your Service Management System

In the fast-changing world of digital technology, companies are always looking for methods to improve efficiency, simplify processes, and provide outstanding customer service. One pivotal decision that can lead to achieving these objectives is migrating from debilitating legacy or in-house developed solutions to a more robust, scalable, and feature-rich platform like Atlassian’s Jira Service Management (JSM). This transition modernizes your service delivery and aligns your ITSM processes with industry best practices. Here, we delve into the myriad benefits of making this strategic move, emphasizing the importance of Jira Service Management and consulting services to ensure a smooth transition.

Modernize your service management with JSM

  • BMC Remedy
  • HP OpenView/HP Service Manager
  • PagerDuty
  • CA Service Desk
  • IBM Tivoli Service Management
  • ServiceNow
  • Freshservice
  • Ivanti Cherwell
  • Zendesk

Modernize your service management with JSM

  • BMC Remedy
  • CA Service Desk
  • Freshservice
  • HP OpenView/HP Service Manager
  • IBM Tivoli Service Management
  • Ivanti Cherwell
  • PagerDuty
  • ServiceNow
  • Zendesk

What is your current ITSM tool?

  • JSM vs Zendesk: Deep integration with development tools, enhancing DevOps collaboration. When you choose Jira Service Management over Zendesk, you get more than just a help desk; you get complete ITSM out of the box. Download JSM vs Zendesk
  • JSM vs Ivanti Cherwell: Cherwell End of Life. With Cherwell going away and little new development on Ivanti’s outdated user interface, now is the time to modernize your service management. JSM offers a robust, modern alternative with a user-friendly interface that brings development, IT, and business teams together on one flexible platform to deliver high-velocity service management without breaking the bank. Download JSM vs Cherwell
  • JSM vs Freshservice: Features and Integration with other tools. JSM delivers an enterprise-grade, user-friendly ITSM solution backed by a mature partner ecosystem – all at a lower per-agent cost than FreshService. Download JSM vs Freshservice
  • JSM vs PagerDuty: JSM is an advanced end-to-end enterprise-grade incident and alert management platform with powerful AI and automation. Unite Dev, IT Ops, and Support teams on one platform for faster resolution. Download JSM vs PagerDuty
  • JSM vs BMC Remedy: BMC offerings feature a clunky interface and lengthy deployment cycles that put them decades behind modern solutions like Jira Service Management. Jira Service Management’s user-friendly interface allows teams to easily customize their work while bringing development and IT teams together on the same platform developers already work in. Download JSM vs BMC Remedy
  • JSM vs ServiceNow: Learn Much More

Supercharge your Service Management & Incident Management with JSM

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Jira Service Management optimizes your IT service processes, enabling your team to handle requests more efficiently. With its intuitive interface and automation capabilities, JSM streamlines ticketing processes from creation to resolution. This significantly reduces manual tasks and errors, allowing your team to tackle more strategic issues.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

At the heart of Jira Service Management is a commitment to improving customer experiences. By offering a self-service portal, customers can quickly identify and resolve their issues without waiting for an agent. For matters requiring direct support, JSM’s efficient ticketing system ensures that requests are addressed promptly and effectively, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Scalability and Flexibility

Legacy systems can be limited and difficult to scale—Jira Service Management offers unparalleled flexibility to grow with your business. Whether expanding your service offerings or scaling your operations globally, JSM can adapt to your changing needs without compromising performance or reliability.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Jira Service Management integrates smoothly with other Atlassian products and numerous third-party apps, forming an integrated ecosystem for your ITSM activities. This ability to integrate ensures that you can tailor JSM to meet your unique needs, boosting efficiency and effectiveness

Robust Reporting and Analytics

With Jira Service Management, you gain access to powerful reporting tools and analytics that provide insights into your ITSM processes. These insights can help you identify bottlenecks, monitor service level agreements (SLAs), and make data-driven decisions to improve your service delivery continually..

Free Comparison eBooks

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Jira Service Management comparison with BMC Remedy
Jira Service Management comparison with Zendesk
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Why Migrate to JSM with ReleaseTEAM

Access to Expert Consulting Services

Migrating to Jira Service Management from a legacy system is a major undertaking that demands meticulous planning and careful implementation. Utilizing professional consulting services can facilitate a seamless transition and minimize operational disruptions. Our certified experts have extensive experience in deploying Jira Service Management and provide essential best practices, advice on customization, and continuous support to help you maximize your investment.

Our Jira Software support and consulting services cater to all agile methodologies. We assist in implementing scrum boards, managing backlogs, tracking epics and issues, and ensuring collaborative success across your team.

Tailor Jira to your team’s unique processes. We assist in customizing workflows, issue types, and fields to optimize your Jira environment for maximum efficiency.

User Training and Adoption

Empower your organization with our team mentoring program. With Staff Coaching or Mentoring, one of our veteran consultants works alongside your team’s key members in your specific Jira environment. Our experts guide users on best practices, fostering widespread adoption and proficiency for your unique environment. They then become your in-house experts who can share the knowledge with the rest of your staff.

Imagine an Atlassian Certified Expert (ACE), a true SME with deep, real-world experience giving hands-on training to your key team members during the rollout of a new tool, coaching them from the initial tool evaluation and system assessment to going live. We Train Your Trainers so you can ensure the complete transfer of skills into your organization.

Your Project Can Succeed With Our Expert Jira Consulting Services

Transitioning to Atlassian’s Jira Service Management from legacy in-house developed solutions represents a strategic move towards operational excellence. The benefits of this migration include enhanced efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, scalability, seamless integration, and access to robust analytics.

Partnering with experienced Jira Service Management consultants, like ReleaseTEAM, is crucial to ensuring a successful migration. They can provide the expertise and support needed to navigate the transition’s complexities, allowing you to fully realize Jira Service Management’s potential to transform your service delivery.

Embrace the future of IT service management with Jira Service Management and unlock the full potential of your IT operations

Partner with ReleaseTEAM for Expert Jira Consulting, Services, and Support

Choose ReleaseTEAM for structured, streamlined development cycles. Our services, including: sales and licensing solutions; consulting services – migrations, implementations, integrations, and upgrades; staff augmentation; team mentoring; and dedicated technical support, are tailored to elevate your Jira experience.

Enhance your project management and development processes with ReleaseTEAM’s expert Jira consulting and support services. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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