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Jumpstart Your Project with the Right Team

DevOps promises significant benefits: improved collaboration between teams, increased innovation and automation, improved quality and higher ROI. Realizing these benefits depends on aligning the organization culture and evaluating, implementing, and using the right supporting technologies. Asking developers and operations teams to research, evaluate, plan, and adopt tools from an ever-growing number of vendors while performing their regular tasks can be overwhelming and costly. Hiring additional employees with increasing levels of DevOps expertise to keep the entire project in- house adds to salary overheads and operating expenses.

There is a solution that offers predictable costs and timelines while providing the required expertise to complete your DevOps transformation: hiring the right DevOps consultants. Consultants bring expertise from implementing hundreds of DevOps projects and understand what tools and platforms work best in different industries.

What Do DevOps Consultants Do?

DevOps consultants work with clients to determine the desired goals and success metrics for the DevOps implementation. By providing an objective, outside perspective, DevOps consultants help organizational leadership align and address improvement areas more quickly.

Working closely with development and operations teams, consultants will audit the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) through a process called value stream mapping. This assessment determines the bottlenecks in the SDLC where implementing DevOps will have an immediate impact. The DevOps consultants will submit a report with their findings and recommendations.

Once the joint DevOps team has identified the bottlenecks to address, the DevOps consultants’ experience evaluating, deploying, and using a variety of vendor tools eliminates the need for the organization to waste months of effort and resources testing tools in-house. The DevOps consultants provide training to the development and operations teams to improve process and tool adoption. This saved time means faster implementation projects and lower costs overall.

How Long Is The Typical DevOps Engagement?

A successful DevOps transformation takes time to ensure the project tackles the right problems, teams are onboard with culture changes, and measurable results are delivered. DevOps consultants can be hired for the entire transformation or for specific portions of the project: the initial value stream mapping process, tool evaluation, tool implementation and integration, or organizational culture change projects.

The journey to DevOps follows steps that help your employees perform better in phases that ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities and have the right processes and tools to succeed.

Increased ROI

Hiring external expertise helps organizations avoid costs by speeding up the adoption timeline, avoiding mistakes of choosing the wrong tools, and compelling teams to work together towards the common goal. The less time it takes to implement DevOps, the sooner the organization starts to realize the benefits.

Ready to Adopt DevOps? ReleaseTEAM provides clients across all industries with the expertise to confidently choose the right DevOps tools and drive process and culture change for success. Contact us to find out more.

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