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JFrog Enterprise+ Sales and Support

JFrog Enterprise+ is a suite of JFrog’s industry-leading tools bundled with unbeatable support in a package designed to maximize your software development pipeline.

Accelerate your release cycle by managing and tracing artifacts all the way from build to deployment.

Optimize your CI/CD pipeline by gaining visibility to your entire development and delivery process.

Secure your DevOps lifecycle by reinforcing security standards of each and every artifact.

JFrog Enterprise Includes

Trusted Software Distribution:

Distribute and continuously update remote sites with release-ready binaries.

Global Security Management:

Govern the distribution of binaries by managing release, permission and access levels.

Continuous Everything:

Automate, control and trace everything with a fully-integrated CI/CD DevOps Pipeline from code to production.

Scales to Infinity:

Achieve high availability with active/active clustering and multi-site replication for your DevOps setup to support your scale.

Too Integrated to Fail:

Integrates with your environment giving you the freedom to choose your tool stack. Use Artifactory to unite your CI/CD ecosystem, increase developer productivity and avoid vendor-lock-in.

Unbeatable 24/7 R&D Level Support:

We provide around the clock help from the best support team in the industry.

JFrog as an Enterprise Solution with ReleaseTEAM

JFrog products work together to form a complete enterprise solution for DevOps lifecycle management, enabling teams to deploy and update faster and faster. With ReleaseTEAM to assist in every aspect of a JFrog deployment, you’ll have access to DevOps experts that have seen it all in the software development trenches. ReleaseTEAM’s services include staff mentoring and augmentation, software sales and licensing, and expert support for the entire DevOps Application Lifecycle (ALC) process.

ReleaseTEAM as Your DevOps Partner

ReleaseTEAM has been at the forefront of DevOps process adoption and specializes in all the technologies and processes involved.

Choose ReleaseTEAM for all your enterprise collaboration needs. Our services, including sales and licensing solutions; consulting services – migrations, implementations, integrations, and upgrades; staff augmentation; team mentoring; and dedicated technical support, are tailored to elevate your team's productivity.

Contact us today to discover how we can transform your team’s efficiency and productivity.

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