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JFrog Container Registry Solution Provider

Powerful Hybrid Docker and Helm Registry

Jfrog Container Registry is an advanced repository manager built on Artifactory. It supports hybrid Docker and Helm registries and Generic repositories, so you can build, deploy, and manage your container images through a powerful yet easy-to-use UI.

JFrog Container Registry Features Include:

  • FULLY HYBRID – ONPREM/CLOUD   Develop and deploy your way. Supports your current and future business model with on-prem / self-hosted, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments on your choice of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • SCALE TO INFINITY   Proven reliability at a massive scale for some of the world’s largest organizations. Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Uber, VMware, and Spotify depend on JFrog to manage their mission-critical apps.
  • ARTIFACTORY POWERED   Built on JFrog Artifactory’s proven track record of power, stability, and resilience to easily manage and deploy your Docker images and provide your DevOps teams full control over access and permissions.
  • RICH METADATA   Add metadata to your artifacts with searchable properties. Perform searches by name, archive, checksum, or properties.
  • KUBERNETES DEPLOYMENTS   Use JFrog Container Registry as your Docker registry to manage your Docker images with fine-grained access control and Helm repository to gain insight into your Docker images and Kubernetes cluster.
  • REPOSITORIES   Free local and remote registries and virtual collection of multiple registries. Also supported are generic repositories that are not associated with any particular package type.

JFrog as an Enterprise CI/CD Solution with ReleaseTEAM

JFrog Pipelines is the complete enterprise solution for DevOps lifecycle management enabling teams to deploy and update faster and faster. With ReleaseTEAM to assist in every aspect of a JFrog deployment, you’ll have access to CI/CD experts that have seen it all in the software development trenches. ReleaseTEAM’s services include staff mentoring and training, team augmentation, software sales and expert support for the entire DevOps Application Lifecycle (ALC) process.

Contact us at (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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