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Rational Quality Manager

Based on the IBM Jazz platform, IBM Rational Quality Manager enables distributed software development teams to collaborate, plan, construct, and execute tests on code from a single tool. The solutions support a variety of different roles, including test management, test architect, lab manager, tester, and test lead.

IBM RQM Delivers Complete Development Oversight

For each stage of the development lifecycle, test plans establish the criteria that ensure teams deliver production-ready code consistently. The scope and objectives of the requirement (usually managed in IBM DOORS) inform the test scenarios and allow teams to iterate code changes quickly and effectively.

With IBM RQM, teams can:

  • Establish objectives for test management, including governance, security, functionality, and stability.
  • Create review and approval processes for test management.
  • Develop test plans and individual test cases.
  • Estimate the effort required for test plans.
  • Connect tests to other items and create interdependent test plans.
  • Specify test environments required for each design item.
  • Set the quality objectives, including entrance and exit criteria for design items.
  • Track and report on test progress.

IBM RQM integrates with other tools in the IBM Rational family of products, which allows complete transparency and efficient processing of the software development lifecycle. The IBM Rational family of tools are suitable for both small development teams and large, geographically distributed enterprises, helping companies build and release code more frequently, reliably, and with better quality.

IBM RQM Test Design and Construction

Software testing remains a primary concern for development teams that seek to deliver better software solutions to customers and stakeholders. With IBM RQM, teams can design complete test cases and construct the exact pass criteria for each design item. Tests can be directly related to the requirements that spawned them, be reused as required, and automatically executed via scripts.

IBM RQM supports test artifacts, enabling teams to version control the test plans, test cases, test scripts, as well as the execution records and results. The test team can combine the complete test plan and all the related artifacts into test suites, providing complete oversight and execution of all test and pre-release verification tasks.

Test Automation and Reuse in IBM RQM

As part of an integrated test management solution, IBM RQM allows teams to execute and manage test scripts created in IBM Rational Functional Testers, IBM Rational Performance Tester, IBM Rational Service Tester, IBM Security AppScan, or Rational Robot. Managing all test artifacts from a single location ensures the development team meets every design item’s cross-functional requirements for every stage of the development cycle. This improves organizational efficiency, team productivity, and ultimately code integrity.

IBM RQM Lab Management and Team Collaboration

Using lab management features in IBM RQM enables teams to request the specific test environments for each portion of the test plan. The lab manager tracks all resources and repositories from a single location, ensuring the environments are available as and when requested.

With collaboration and process definition and configuration, teams share information between members quickly without losing any of the necessary context. Tracking defects and test results throughout the process enables teams to quickly address any issues and remediate bugs or shortcomings efficiently.

Ensure Compliance and Governance with IBM RQM

IBM RQM assists enterprises to achieve corporate governance, regulatory compliance, standard enforcement, and security verification. As a comprehensive, single source for all verification tasks carried out by the development team, companies gain better process efficiency with complete traceability and transparency.

Test designers structure the artifacts in a hierarchy for ease of management and navigation, while direct relationships with the design items allow for detailed reporting on every code change. IBM RQM tracks versions, change history, team collaboration, as well as recording every test run and the related outcomes.

ReleaseTEAM as an IBM RQM Consultant

IBM RQM is part of the IBM Rational family of products, which enables concurrent development, build, release, and verification of any agile SDLC process. Teams can improve code integrity and deliver features or updates more frequently, with confidence and greater system reliability.

ReleaseTEAM supports companies seeking to improve on the agile efficiency of any size development team. ReleaseTEAM provides software sales and support, staff mentoring and training including augmentation, as well as advisory consulting for the entire Application Lifecycle (ALC).

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