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Dynamic Object Orientated Requirements System

IBM DOORS has been the leading requirements management solution in the industry for more than two decades. As the IBM Rational family of products are one of the oldest agile tool suites available, IBM DOORS delivers scalable, adaptable, and traceable requirements management from a central location.

No matter what the size of the team or organization, with features that allow drag and drop requirements assignment, routing and test specification, communal editing and authorized approvals, IBM DOORS delivers greater efficiency and higher accuracy to development teams. As development cycles speed up, reducing miscommunication early with formalized requirement artifacts remains essential.

Requirements in a Central Location with IBM DOORS

A team’s efficiencies improve when information is context-based, easily accessible, and consistently shared between its members. This makes IBM DOORs a powerful tool in the software development process and company workflows. When integrated with IBM ClearCase and IBM ClearQuest (other integrations are also available), IBM DOORS ensures complete traceability and compliance throughout the plan, build, test, and release cycles of the SDLC.

IBM DOORS supports third-party plugins and links, helping you connect your development tool stack directly to the analysis and execution phases of any project. With complete task and object verification requirements recorded early on a project, code integrity and release frequency improves, and delivery cycles can speed up.

IBM DOORS makes Requirements Accessible

Collaboration and communication remain one of the key elements of an agile development strategy. IBM DOORS ensures teams remain informed of changes to the requirements via simple or entirely customizable workflows. Teams associate design items directly with the requirements using relationships, making accurate impact assessments possible and complete compliance enforceable.

Developers, testers, analysts, or any other stakeholder can link requirements directly to the design items, records, artifacts, or even other requirements. Structuring a project in this way guarantees teams have confidence in the code changes, complete testing, and quality assurance checks, achieve corporate governance compliance and release new features more frequently.

Requirements are essentially technical specifications, therefore IBM DOORS provides:

  • Collaboration on documents, sections of documents, or individual attributes.
  • Editing, analysis, and reporting capabilities via a desktop client.
  • Support for text, tables, graphics, as well as content delivered in the Requirements Interchange Format.
  • Hierarchy based structures of requirements, allowing multiple relationships and configurable views for easy navigation.

IBM DOORS Audit Trails and Traceability

When code integrity is at stake, compliance with the requirements is non-negotiable. Whether they derive from system security, corporate governance, coding standards, bug reports, or regulatory stipulations, IBM DOORS enables teams to improve code integrity and develop applications consistently using dynamic requirement objects.

Scrutinizing changes to the source code requires the necessary context. With IBM DOORS, each change request or review comment includes the reasoning and associated compliance frameworks involved. Teams can connect tests cases directly to the requirement, which retains a relationship to the design item. This automates a large portion of the finalization stage in the software development cycle.

Reduce Development Costs with IBM DOORS

While quality assurance and software testing remain an essential step of any agile development team, IBM DOORS reduces the overhead associated with these functions. A comprehensive and detailed requirements management solution such as IBM DOORS can reduce development costs by 57% and lower the QA expenditure by 69%.

This allows teams to accelerate time to market, increase total productivity, deliver frequently, and scale easily. Responding to changes efficiently is the cornerstone of any agile initiative. With IBM DOORS, this doesn’t create project disruption or team dissatisfaction. When new constraints or details arise, team members know early, have the necessary context, and can adapt quickly.

IBM DOORS for Concurrent Task Execution

As a requirements management solution that is easily scalable, IBM DOORS allows teams to collaborate on requirements concurrently. With easy navigation in an explorer hierarchy with configurable views and including collaboration and communication tools, teams can work together to produce comprehensive requirements documents.

ReleaseTEAM and IBM Rational DOORS

IBM DOORS comes with a test-tracking toolkit included, allowing teams to stipulate every verification criteria for each design item. With connections to external testing tools, as well as test case automations, IBM DOORS can improve the continuous delivery (CD) cycles for any modern software development team.

ReleaseTEAM has over twenty years of experience as agile solution implementation consultants. With experts who provide software training, staff augmentation or mentoring, product sales and support, ReleaseTEAM will help you establish a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

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