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Change Management Solution

As a change management solution, IBM Rational ClearQuest improves team productivity within any software development methodology. IBM ClearQuest fits in with any project processes, tools, or development workflow while improving collaboration and automating process efficiencies.

With full lifecycle traceability and change history, IBM ClearQuest serves any type of team dynamic, provides development control and quality assurance, as well as allowing for easy access to the latest information for the entire team. As one of the oldest agile software development tools, IBM ClearQuest is robust and scalable according to any enterprise’s needs.

Change Management and Process Enforcement with IBM ClearQuest

Modern software development teams and companies know that adapting to changes quickly and efficiently determines code quality and release frequency. With IBM ClearQuest, teams can analyze and respond to changes in real-time, from a central location. With predefined workflows, teams can be up and running quickly with a formalized control flow that delivers consistent task execution.

IBM ClearQuest provides:

  • Teams with the ability to create enforceable and repeatable processes that guarantee predictable outcomes.
  • Insights and overviews of implemented process flows and automated task management.
  • Universal access to the latest information for any portion of the development project.
  • Full lifecycle traceability and control with process automation.

Whether it’s a small development team or a large, multinational enterprise, IBM ClearQuest will ensure all changes, updates, and inputs remain available for audit and compliance requirements.

IBM ClearQuest Workflow Management

By integrating typically disconnected tasks and functions, a single development workflow and change management solution allows teams to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. IBM ClearQuest connects tasks such as analysis, development, testing, as well as deployment using process automation features. When things change, IBM ClearQuest communicates the impacts to the teams based on roles and assignments, ensuring everyone remains informed.

IBM ClearQuest Process Automation and Traceability

Processes in IBM ClearQuest are customizable, supporting any organizational development methodology with the necessary step approvals. With user authentication and authorization including electronic signing, IBM ClearQuest ensures a complete and accurate audit trail for each activity performed during the process. For policy and regulatory compliance, IBM ClearQuest reduces governance overheads and provides a consolidated view across the entire development cycle.

IBM ClearQuest System Scalability

IBM ClearQuest enables any size team to have access to the latest, accurate project related information. With deployment options that include a single instance, or working over multiple different locations, IBM ClearQuest helps companies and teams to scale easily without compromising process control or organizational productivity.

Adaptable and Comprehensive Lifecycle Process Control

The ability to customize any process schema in IBM ClearQuest allows organizations to define the workflows for every object used during the lifecycle. Process flows can be adapted for bug and issue tracking, code and quality reviews, requirement definition, and team collaboration, as well as testing and release approvals.

IBM ClearQuest Components

The IBM ClearQuest solution provides many customizable options for implementation within any organization. The software handles different types of objects according to the associated definition and information contained in them.

The IBM ClearQuest Components are:                                                                  

  • Fields – Data fields associated with objects.
  • Hooks – Arbitrary pieces of code that execute once an event triggers.
  • Record Types – Stateless or State-based objects that change according to the process execution.
  • Schemas – An encapsulated workflow that includes information on states, actions, and data structures that trigger the associated hooks.
  • Schema Repository – The database that manages schemas (process workflow) for the entire development process.
  • Test and User Database – A test database for administrators to test changes and a user database that tracks all user data entries and queries (also considered the production database).

These components ensure that IBM ClearQuest is highly customizable, exactly configurable, and ultimately suited for any type of software development implementation.

IBM ClearQuest Designer

For quick and easy customization, IBM ClearQuest Designer allows administrators to use drag and drop operations for laying out record types, fields, lists, and hooks. Once admins are satisfied, new processes and the associated object transitions go through testing before deploying the changes to the production environment.

A Complete IBM Rational ClearQuest Solution Partner in ReleaseTEAM

ReleaseTEAM will assist with any IBM Rational ClearQuest implementation requirements you may have. With a team of agile software development experts and over twenty years of experience in delivering innovative solutions, ReleaseTEAM can assist with any unique development initiative your organization needs. ReleaseTEAM provides software sales and support, staff training and augmentation, as well as after-sales support and consulting services.

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