ReleaseTEAM is an Premier IBM/Rational Business Partner, as a Value Advantage Plus (VAP), an IBM Rational Consulting Partner and as a Service Value Initiative (SVI) Certified Partner.


This means that we are certified by IBM to sell their products and to provide services. Few IBM partners qualify for this status with the Rational product family. The founders of ReleaseTEAM have been working with the IBM Rational tool sets since 1992, back when ClearCase was first introduced by Atria, ClearDDTS was introduced by QualTrak and Rational was producing Ada compilers. Today ReleaseTEAM focuses strongly on ClearCase, ClearQuest, ClearMake, MutliSite, Build Forge, Rational Asset Manager (RAM), Rational Team Concert (RTC), DOORs, Rational Quality Manager (RQM) and Rational Requirements Composer (RRC).

ReleaseTEAM's ClearConn is also certified "Ready for Rational (RfR)". The Ready for IBM Rational software validation program provides a method for IBM Business Partners to differentiate their product offerings from the competition, and is based on specific integration criteria. The Best Practices Indicator further acknowledges the safety, serviceability, universality and user experience of ReleaseTEAM's ClearConn into the IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform.


ReleaseTEAM is the right IBM Rational Solutions Partner.