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Perforce Helix TeamHub

Source Code Repository Hosting

Helix TeamHub is a code hosting and collaboration solution that can be utilized in either a cloud-hosted or self-hosted configuration. It can be used independently of Helix Core (cloud-hosted or self-hosted) or you can store your Git assets natively inside of Helix Core (self-hosted only). In addition to supporting numerous version control systems (i.e., Git, SVN, and Mercurial), Helix TeamHub lets you manage Maven, WebDAV, and Ivy artifact repositories, and Docker container registries – all under one intuitive, web-based platform. Helix TeamHub also provides several tools to help you manage your projects with ease, such as a Kanban board for Agile issue tracking, Git / Mercurial-powered Wikis for storing all your project-specific documents, and the Helix TeamHub Command-Line Client to execute Git commands across repos.

Multi-Repo Operations with Git

Simplify the process of managing projects containing multiple Git repos through the use of the Helix TeamHub Command-Line Client (hth-cli). This tool lets you execute Git commands across repos (ex: push changes sitting in multiple repos with a single command) and can be used in either a cloud-hosted or self-hosted setup. Some limitations apply to cloud-hosted use. Seamlessly manage dependencies across your codebase with multi-repo code reviews when using our Helix TeamHub Enterprise (self-hosted) offering with Helix Core. Initiate these multi-repo code reviews directly from the hth-cli.

High Performance CI/CD with Git

With Helix TeamHub Enterprise (self-hosted), you can store Git repos natively in Helix Core to enable high-performance builds for CI/CD. This on-premises option helps teams achieve up to 80% faster builds than a Git server. It can seamlessly handle concurrent Git commits from large, geographically dispersed team members.

Scalable DevOps

Helix TeamHub Enterprise with Helix Core helps DevOps teams ship code on-demand due to faster initial checkouts and updates. By leveraging the powerful Helix Core server, Helix TeamHub Enterprise significantly reduces workflow latency across the development pipeline by allowing remote teams to access and manage files at LAN speed. In addition to facilitating Continuous Integration, Helix TeamHub automates the build and deployment process by seamlessly integrating with more than 75 of the most popular tools with out-of-the-box hooks.

Simple Code Review and Collaboration

With simple, branch-based code review workflows, Helix TeamHub makes it easy to ensure every change goes through a review and acceptance process – you can even incorporate automated builds and testing. Teams collaborate easily on single or multi-repo projects with:

  • Code search across Git and Mercurial repos by projects, file names, commit messages, and more
  • Ensure changes to code across multiple repositories are reviewed together in a single code review prior to merging (Helix TeamHub Enterprise with Helix Core only)
  • Expandable diffs for added context and less time in the command line
  • Built-in Wiki for project-specific documentation and file-sharing
  • Kanban-style issue tracking for Agile workflows
  • Task comments inside code reviews ensure your comments are addressed before the code is merged
  • Threaded conversations during code reviews help you determine message context quickly and efficiently

ReleaseTEAM as Your One-stop Perforce Helix Suite of Solutions Advisor

Use ReleaseTEAM to assist you with tool selections and implementation roadmaps when choosing a Perforce Helix solution or suite of products. ReleaseTEAM has provided expert advice and successfully delivered projects in the Software Development industry since 1999. With ReleaseTEAM, you can get staff training, consulting, work-force augmentation including software sales and the subsequent support.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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