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Complete DevOps Lifecycle in a Single Application

GitLab is unique because it’s a complete, end-to-end, DevOps solution. Currently used by companies like IBM, Sony, Oracle, and institutions such as NASA and CERN, GitLab has a powerful set of features that cover every aspect of the DevOps Lifecycle.

GitLab is available in two distinct editions, namely Community and Enterprise. While the Community Edition is entirely free, the Enterprise Edition is a restricted license and comes with additional features. GitLab hosts its services in Google’s Cloud Platform making the entire application web-based. Sytse Sibrandij and Dmitriy Zaporozhets founded GitLab Inc. in 2013.

GitLab is available in three subscription models, Free, Premium, and Ultimate.
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The GitLab DevOps Lifecycle

GitLab’s lifecycle starts with planning, then creating, verifying and packaging the software during the development phase. You then pass the package to the operations team who releases, configures, and monitors the application. Additional tools allow you to manage and secure the process, improving release cycles and code integrity within the CI/CD pipeline.

With DevOps cycles improving by 200% when carried out in GitLab, the software provides unmatched visibility and governance at higher levels of efficiency. By using GitLab, you can manage and optimize every stage of the DevOps lifecycle with insights and metrics that deliver actionable information regarding the entire process.

GitLab Management Features

Packed with a rich set of management features, GitLab ensures every task is tracked and auditable, while digging deeper beyond simple commit stats. GitLab’s metrics and control services will even measure your DevOps adoption score, and can compare your organization’s performance against others also using the toolchain.

GitLab’s process management features include:

  • Audit management and event tracking that enforce your compliance policies
  • User profiles and group management for team performance optimization
  • Authentication, authorization, and administration on user, team, and instance levels
  • Code and cycle analytics including a DevOps adoption score system
  • Workflow policies and value stream management features, including internationalization

Using these management features, teams can optimize how they perform work within a robust platform that is configurable for any type of existing organizational processes.

GitLab Planning Features

Using epics, program groups, and milestones, your team can organize and track every project task in GitLab. The simple and flexible approach accommodates for any type of development methodology, as not every project can be executed the same.

The planning features available in GitLab includes:

  • Complete project management capabilities with status labels, assignments, milestones, and sprint calendars
  • Time management and performance reporting with Kanban boards for each task
  • Requirements management with use cases connected directly to the task boards
  • A service desk for improved responses using GitLab issue tracking
  • Quality and agile portfolio management

With all of these features, GitLab’s planning capabilities can be adapted for any type of DevOps Lifecycle approach. GitLab provides end-to-end visibility according to the roadmap and allows you to make the necessary interventions early in order to achieve your delivery goals.

GitLab Code Creation Features

GitLab leverages the branching features of Git from a single distributed version control system. This enables rapid iterations of code between teams with minimal disruptions to the workflows. GitLab repositories scale quickly and provide a single source of truth for the entire CI/CD lifecycle.

The code creation features include:

  • Source code and branch management including a code review system via asynchronous commenting
  • Documentation and wiki pages for knowledge base and information sharing
  • User Interface design system with versioning enabled
  • Code snippet management and a complete web Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Instant messaging with Gitter and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) features via Gitaly

Every aspect of the create stage in the DevOps lifecycle can be managed, measured and controlled in GitLab, improving code integrity, release cycles, oversight and the governance of your entire process.

ReleaseTEAM and GitLab for an Improved CI/CD Pipeline

GitLab delivers a complete, end-to-end CI/CD solution that improves your company’s code build and delivery efficiencies. Oversight and accurate reporting allow you to track every team member’s contribution analytics and ensure your projects finish on time, without bugs and always accompanied with a complete audit trail.

ReleaseTEAM as an implementation partner will ensure you address every aspect when using GitLab. With experts that have seen it all in the last 20 years of the software development revolution, ReleaseTEAM provides staff training, team augmentation, software sales and support, as well as complete Application Lifecycle consulting.

Contact us at (866) 887-0489 or info@releaseteam.com today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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