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GitHub Solutions

The AI-powered Developer Platform

GitHub, a renowned software development platform, provides an expansive ecosystem tailored to facilitate collaborative coding and project management. Fueled by the power of Git, it offers version control, enabling teams to efficiently track changes, collaborate seamlessly, and manage code repositories. GitHub embraces AI technology to enhance developer experiences. For instance, GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered tool, assists in code writing by offering context-aware suggestions. This innovative integration of AI supports developers in streamlining their coding workflows, driving efficiency, and fostering innovation within the software development landscape. GitHub’s commitment to leveraging AI reflects its dedication to empowering developers with cutting-edge tools for enhanced productivity and code quality.
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GitHub Enterprise

The AI-powered developer platform

Build, scale, and deliver secure software

GitHub Enterprise is powered by AI tools like Copilot, streamlining code creation. It offers enhanced security through AI-driven vulnerability detection and automated workflows, ensuring code safety. AI assists in code review, boosting productivity. Combined with Enterprise’s scalability and administrative control, it optimizes collaboration and development within larger organizations.

GitHub Enterprise grants access to GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server. GitHub Enterprise Cloud offers advanced features on, while GitHub Enterprise Server is a self-hosted platform.

If you’re considering GitHub Enterprise, our Proof of Concept (POC) services are designed to help you evaluate its capabilities and scalability. ReleaseTEAM provides expert guidance to ensure a smooth POC process.

What We Offer in GitHub Enterprise:

    • Structured Testing: We help you conduct a comprehensive evaluation of GitHub Enterprise.
    • Scalability Assessment: Understand how GitHub Enterprise can grow with your organization’s needs.
    • Expert Support: Benefit from our knowledge and experience throughout the POC.

GitHub is available in three subscription models: Enterprise, Team, and Free.

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GitHub Actions

Automate Your Workflow

Fast-track your DevOps transformation with GitHub Actions

Automate, personalize, and run your software development processes directly within your repository using GitHub Actions. Explore, craft, and distribute actions for various tasks, such as CI/CD, enabling the combination of actions to build a tailored workflow that suits your needs.

GitHub Actions is a powerful tool for automating workflows and accelerating your DevOps journey. ReleaseTEAM specializes in guiding organizations from initial setup to advanced automation, optimizing your development processes along the way.

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GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS)

Enhance Code Security with GHAS

Find and fix vulnerabilities 7x faster with AI

GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) offers comprehensive security features within GitHub, enhancing code safety by detecting vulnerabilities early. It provides automated security checks, vulnerability scanning, dependency insights, and code scanning, ensuring robust protection. GHAS integrates seamlessly into workflows, fortifying code quality and fostering a secure development environment for teams.

GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) is crucial for safeguarding your code and detecting potential threats. ReleaseTEAM specializes in implementing and con๏ฌguring GHAS to provide comprehensive security for your software development.

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Copilot AI Coding Assistant

Unlock Enhanced Development Efficiency

GitHub Copilot is an AI-assisted coding companion that accelerates code writing with minimal effort. It analyzes code and comments for context, swiftly offering suggestions for individual lines and entire functions, expediting the coding process significantly.

At ReleaseTEAM, we understand the significance of AI-driven coding assistance in modern software development. GitHub Copilot can revolutionize your coding practices, making development more efficient and less error-prone. Our expertise in Copilot integration ensures you harness its full potential.

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Code Review

Write Better Code

GitHub Code Review enhances collaboration, ensuring high-quality code by detecting errors early. It fosters knowledge sharing, mentors developers, and documents discussions for transparency. Enabling asynchronous collaboration it accelerates development, maintains compliance, and streamlines workflows, leading to more successful software projects.

The GitHub Code Review features include:

  • History tracking for every commit, comment, or reference line by line
  • Side-by-Side diff views for every line-of-code thatโ€™s changed
  • Blame views that show the complete history of change for a single file

GitHub supports enhanced permission control, securing branches with read and write rights. This limits who can push updates and improves the integrity of the code. Additionally, a Status API can enforce checking before enabling any merges between branches.

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GitHub Packages

Safely publish and consume packages within or outside your organization

Find and fix vulnerabilities 7x faster with AI

GitHub Packages is a hosting platform for packages, including containers and dependencies. It merges your source code and packages, providing simplified permissions and billing. Centralizing development on GitHub streamlines the process, combining source code and packages for easier development.

ReleaseTEAM delivers seamless integration with existing systems, team training for efficient utilization, ongoing support for issue resolution, and guidance to optimize performance and security, ensuring a smooth and effective package management system for the client’s needs.

GitHub and ReleaseTEAM Drive AI-driven development platform

For over 20 years, ReleaseTEAM has provided Software Development expertise for every aspect of the CI/CD Application Lifecycle. With services that include mentoring, staff augmentation, software sales, and support, ReleaseTEAM is a recognized leader in the DevOps revolution.

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