GIT MultiSite

Git MultiSite applies WANdisco’s unique, patented replication technology to enable LAN-speed collaboration between globally distributed teams using Git, allowing them to work together as if they were all in one office, even when separated by thousands of miles. Git MultiSite eliminates the availability, performance, and scalability bottleneck of a central master repository server, allowing enterprises to realize the benefits of distributed version control without the administrative overhead. The result is shorter development cycles, higher quality, and lower costs.

With Git MultiSite, all replicas of the master repository servers are peers, providing global disaster recovery and business continuity, eliminating downtime for unplanned outages due to network or server failure as well as scheduled maintenance. Downtime, data loss and slow performance become a thing of the past, and merge conflicts and other issues are identified and resolved as soon as they occur, instead of days later.

Hadoop Big Data, Subversion and Git Support

More than a first line of defense, WANdisco support engineers are open source experts, providing in-depth professional assistance and ensuring customers get the most from their deployments. With WANdisco employees around the globe providing local support, customers are assured they are moving in the right direction toward their business goals. We do not subcontract to low-cost third parties where intellectual property rights are not fully protected. This enables us to provide secure, high quality live support to our customers located anywhere in the world, during their normal business hours, as well as on a 24-by-7 basis.  In addition to phone and email assistance, we also have offerings that provide certified binaries, indemnification and guaranteed response times.


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