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Expert DevOps Staffing and Mentoring

Need Skilled DevOps Staff Right Now?

Complement Your Team with One of Our Experts

Sudden resource gap? Need help during a reorganization or acquisition? Let ReleaseTEAM help with our staff augmentation services. Consultants work with your team until you can hunt down the right experts for your initiatives. Use ReleaseTEAM’s experts to temporarily fill your needs to ensure you remain efficient and productive.

Two realities in DevOps today are that everyone has a finite budget, and experienced staff is hard to find and keep. At ReleaseTEAM, we address both of these concerns with our Staff Mentoring and Staff Augmentation programs. We are not a staffing or recruiting agency, but an Independent DevOps Consultancy with over 20 years in the business, offering our expertise to you.

Use the seasoned knowledge of our consultants to your advantage! All of our consultants are knowledgeable, self-motivated professionals; many hold a security clearance.

5 reasons you may need outside consultants to complement or complete your team:

  • You want skilled, experienced staff without the added expense and hassles of a W-2 hire
  • An upcoming project that requires a specific skill set that is not present on your current team
  • A reorganization or acquisition has left you short on expert staff
  • There is a gap in staffing you need to fill as you look for the right full-time hire
  • Key members of your team need more guidance with hands-on experience in the best practices of your tools and processes

Our consultants work with your team until you can hunt down the right experts for your initiatives. Use ReleaseTEAM’s experts to temporarily fill your needs to ensure you remain efficient and productive.

Catch and eliminate inexperience before it turns into problems

Change Can Be a Challenge

Have a Seasoned Pro Coach Your Staff

With Staff Coaching or Mentoring, one of our veteran consultants works side-by-side with your team’s key members. They will learn tips and best practices for your unique environment of DevOps tools, processes, disciplines, and culture. They then become your in-house experts who can share the knowledge with the rest of your staff

Imagine a true SME with deep, real-world experience giving hands-on training to your key team members during the rollout of a new tool, coaching them from the initial tool evaluation and system assessment through to going live. We Train Your Trainers so you can ensure the complete transfer of skills into your organization

Our consultants have decades of experience

Our Staff Augmentation service is available for short- or long-term contracts in any sector or industry. We support many open source, legacy, and the latest technologies in both cloud and on-premises deployments.

Schedule a Meeting to tell us how we can help!

When you hire a DevOps consultant, there’s always a degree of uncertainty; you don’t know what you’re getting. When I know I have a good consultant, I try to hang on to them. I have one ReleaseTEAM consultant who has been working with us for 5 years… He’s one of the best in the business.
Software Product Control Manager

Raytheon Company

ReleaseTEAM as a Docker Partner

Containers streamline software deployment, ensuring consistency across environments. They offer portability, running seamlessly on various platforms. Containers optimize resource usage, scale efficiently, and accelerate development cycles, enhancing productivity and enabling quicker time-to-market for applications.

ReleaseTEAM has been at the forefront of DevOps process adoption and specializes in all the technologies and processes involved. They provide sales, training, staff mentoring and augmentation, support, and consulting services for the entire SLC.

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