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Free Atlassian Plugins

Atlassian Plugins

by ReleaseTEAM

As a Gold Solution Partner, we want your work with Atlassian products to be as efficient and detailed as you are. So when we encounter a situation where an enhancement to the features of a product would improve the Atlassian experience of our clients, we develop the solution and offer it free of charge in the Atlassian Marketplace. We hope you enjoy the plugins and welcome any feedback on how we can improve future versions or even suggestions for new plugins.

We also offer premium add-ons for Atlassian products from our partners Tempo and Old Street Solutions.

Custom Field Context Copier for Jira

This plugin addresses the problem of duplicating a Jira project with a lot of specially configured custom fields. It will make all of the custom field configurations in the new project (PROJB) identical to the original project. You access the tool via the Jira HELP pulldown.

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Enhanced Table Formatting for Confluence

Enhanced Table Formatting for Confluence enhances the standard table/cell formatting features, allowing you to create more useful and engaging pages. By adding format and functionality options, you can customize your tables and cells to be how you want them to be. The plugin adds both table-level and cell-level enhancements.

  • Format Table Width
  • Choose Colors by HEX code
  • Header Height & Padding
  • Header Border Thickness & Color
  • Cell Height & Padding
  • Change Fill Color of Odd- & Even-Number Rows
  • Cell Border, Thickness, & Color
  • More Cell Fill Color Options
  • Change Row Fill Color on Hover
  • Format Cells as Currency
  • Format Cells as Dates

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