ElectricFlow is an enterprise-class solution for software build management and build automation. It helps teams to make software build and release tasks more repeatable, more visible, and more efficient.

ElectricFlow provides a scalable solution to some of the biggest challenges of managing the build and release process, including:

  • Multiple, disconnected build and test systems across locations
  • Home-built systems that are brittle, error-prone, and don't scale
  • Slow overall build and release cycles

ElectricFlow is platform-agnostic, so whether your projects use Java, Ant, C/C++, Make, etc, it will make your build and release processes more reliable and efficient. ElectricFlow distributes individual jobs in parallel across multiple servers for 2-3x faster throughput and efficient resource utilization.

Unlike traditional build management tools, ElectricFlow has an extensible, 3-tier architecture that can scale to manage any size project with ease. It will also help teams respond nimbly to change, requiring minimal script changes to get started or make changes to the system on the fly. It provides the reporting and visibility enterprises need for compliance efforts and release planning, plus an unprecedented level of flexibility and customizability to suit each organization's unique software production processes.

ReleaseTEAM specializes in implementing build automation, improving overall build performance and build to test times, thus improving quality and time to market. ReleaseTEAM consultants are experts with ElectricFlow and build tools such as Ant and Make.

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