For the first time, massively parallel builds are a reality. Only ElectricAccelerator breaks the "software build bottleneck" by accurately executing jobs across a cluster of servers, delivering up to 20x faster builds.

The barrier to distributed builds has traditionally been dependencies. There are thousands of dependencies in a typical build, and if these change or are not well understood, a parallel build will break or recompile incorrectly. ElectricAccelerator's patented automatic conflict detection and correction technology determines exactly which files were used to build every object file, library or executable, such that when build steps are run out of order, it automatically re-runs them in the correct order. ElectricAccelerator produces a correct build, even when scaling to dozens of nodes in the cluster.

Faster, more accurate builds dramatically reduce the time developers spend waiting for their builds to complete and enable engineers to do complete pre-flight builds before checking in their changes. This means faster time- to-market and ultimately better code quality. ReleaseTEAM provides expertise and cutting-edge best practices in build management and build acceleration. ReleaseTEAM will work with customers to optimize their build environment and gain even greater build speed from ElectricAccelerator. Together, Electric Cloud and ReleaseTEAM provide both the tools and hands-on experience to help enterprise software development organizations improve quality and speed time to market.

ElectricInsight, an add-on to ElectricAccelerator, provides unprecedented visibility into the "black box" of software builds. ElectricInsight mines the information produced by Make to provide an easy-to-understand, graphical representation of the build structure for performance analysis.


ReleaseTEAM is the right Electric Cloud Services Partner.