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DevOps Overture: What You Need to Know When Starting a DevOps Journey

DevOps Overture: What You Need to Know When Starting a DevOps Journey.  Written by ReleaseTEAM CEO and 30-year industry veteran Shawn Doyle, this book is essentially a DevOps 101 course.

  • Understand what DevOps is and how it solves problems in the software development industry
  • Learn about the processes, tools, and culture of DevOps
  • Get advice on starting a career in DevOps
  • Tips on how to thrive in a work environment that is moving to a DevOps culture.

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Managing Technical Debt

Organizations and software development teams investing in DevOps culture and tools must take inventory of their current technical debt and how they plan to address future technical debt. Over time, ineffectively managed can reduce productivity, delivery time, and more. Read how to identify and manage technical debt in your organization.

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6 Steps to a Successful DevOps Tool or Platform Migration

Tool or platform migrations are complicated undertakings that require proper planning. In this eBook, we cover how to wisely prepare for the change, from assessing your environment and deciding on your needs and goals, to implementation, to going live with the new tool.

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Advocating DevOps in a Change-Resistant Environment

Resistance to organizational change is a well-studied field of occupational behavior. Not all changes originate from the top, however. For software development team-members who want to advocate for changing to DevOps methodologies, resistance may come from colleagues, management, and even the operational teams they are trying to better support.

Software engineers and developers find change scary as they already work under intense pressure, have tight deadlines, and use different strategies to solve problems.

In this whitepaper, we look at the degrees of resistance you may encounter, as an advocate for DevOps solutions, in your enterprise or organization.

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