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As the DevOps cycle is by nature iterative, the verification discipline requires continuous testing for each code change performed. Traditionally, testers only verified the features and functional units prior to delivering software to operations. In the DevOps Application Lifecycle, each unit of code passes a variety of tests, already starting during the creation discipline.

There are both automated and manual verifications required. Automated testing includes unit, component, performance and load, security, scalability and reliability tests. Manual or semi-automated tests cover the functional elements of the change using scenarios, usability, user acceptance, and prototyping practices.

Test Management and Automation

Test case management is a key function for delivering better code more frequently and with improved quality. Teams that use test management tools can connect tests to the requirements from the planning phase of the DevOps cycle, ensuring developers have easy access to all the verification steps required prior to packaging the software.

Automated test management tools provide teams with the ability to capture code execution and user operations, create a test case from this process, and automate the entire test cycle from within the application. Test results provide analytics based on user, team, feature, or component level that indicate the team’s performance over time.

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