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DevOps Tool Suites

No organization is exactly the same, which means DevOps cycles tend to be unique in practice. Using a single toolchain for the entire DevOps cycle is possible as complete pipeline solutions are configurable according to the company’s existing workflow. A complete CI/CD solution will manage every aspect of the DevOps SDLC, including the creation, testing, building, and releasing of new code as well as manage the ancillary processes involved.

A single tool suite provides better control and oversight, centralized process management, complete and accurate information flow between departments, as well as global policy enforcement. As the DevOps cycle remains iterative, a central management console for each task improves team collaboration and the speed of task execution throughout the organization.

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Atlassian Products

Atlassian has been at the forefront of continuous software development solutions since its formation in 2002. The suite of products drives collaboration, speeds up releases, and tracks all issues from a central location. The Atlassian technology stack enables organizations to adopt an agile SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) by improving efficiency, communication, and frequency of releases.

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Amazon AWS

AWS hosts the entire platform on server farms spread entirely over the globe, with AWS virtual computer clusters managed by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Since 2017, more than 90 different services were available as part of AWS, providing storage, computing, networking, database, application, analytics, management, deployment, traditional and mobile development tools. Recent additions include services for building IoT (Internet of Things) and AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) applications.

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GitLab is unique because it’s a complete, end-to-end, DevOps solution. Currently used by companies like IBM, Sony, Oracle, and institutions such as NASA and CERN, GitLab has a powerful set of features that cover every aspect of the DevOps Lifecycle.

GitLab is available in two distinct editions, namely Community and Enterprise. While the Community Edition is entirely free, the Enterprise Edition is a restricted license and comes with additional features. GitLab hosts its services in Google’s Cloud Platform making the entire application web-based

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IBM Rational

IBM Rational has a full range of products that help teams and individuals deliver software systems and assets using practical, extensible, and reliable components. The tools are flexible and developed to provide instant increases in productivity, security, and stability.

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JFrog Enterprise+

Fearless updates from code to production. A suite of all the JFrog family of products, plus some extra tools. An end-to-end pipeline to control the flow of your binaries from build to production.

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What sets CloudBees continuous end-to-end software delivery system apart is their affinity for open source projects and their team’s proven experience when it comes to incubating them to fully-fledged products.

Leveraging the popular open source Jenkins automation server, CloudBees extends the feature set to cater for scalability, governance, administration, and rapid deployment.

With the recent acquisition of Electric Cloud, CloudBees a complete suite of CD solutions.

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Perforce HelixALM Suite

A good ALM tool helps the application lifecycle management of your product. The best ALM tools give you end-to-end traceability across your lifecycle.

Helix ALM is a modular suite of ALM tools. You can use this application lifecycle management suite to trace requirements, tests, and issues.

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ReleaseTEAM as a Docker Partner

Containers streamline software deployment, ensuring consistency across environments. They offer portability, running seamlessly on various platforms. Containers optimize resource usage, scale efficiently, and accelerate development cycles, enhancing productivity and enabling quicker time-to-market for applications.

ReleaseTEAM has been at the forefront of DevOps process adoption and specializes in all the technologies and processes involved. They provide sales, training, staff mentoring and augmentation, support, and consulting services for the entire SLC.

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