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SDLC Solutions for the Packaging Discipline

Packages are the actual updates released into production. With containerization, packages are independent units of code that deliver specific features, services, or functionalities to the system. Package managers assign metadata such as name and version, software description, vendor details, and checksum information to the code. The metadata of the associated package ensures the package manager knows the dependencies and prerequisites for that portion of code.

Package managers eliminate the need for manual install and update tasks, as well as bundle all the necessary dependencies that the software requires to run on any environment together. Package files work with file archivers in order to extract all dependent packages once the user issues a software command.

Build Management and Automation

Build management and automation is how developers compile the code changes prior to release. Once a new package becomes available, the build environment interacts with other software components that make up the entirety of the solution. During build automation, scripts perform tasks such as generate documentation (using markdown languages), execute tests previously defined, compiles the code, and distributes the related binaries.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the core of the DevOps philosophy. CI Tools provide teams with the ability to continually automate version control and change tracking, trigger builds and tests, and may include automated deployment features. Using these tools, teams are able to merge working copies of the new code into the shared, mainline (or master branch) several times per day.

The DevOps cycle benefits from continuous integration by testing in clone environments, accessing the latest deliverables regularly, and sharing the latest build results with the entire team. The CI workflow requires developers to create a copy of the current codebase, making changes quickly, and merging back with the master frequently to avoid “integration hell”.

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