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DevOps Security Solutions

With all the automation capabilities that DevOps offers, security doesn’t have to fall behind. The DevSecOps practice allows early detection and management of vulnerabilities, empowering developers to create and release code with confidence.

DevSecOps tools detect suspicious code snippets, notifying developers to initiate triage tasks immediately. During the coding phase of the DevOps cycle, DevSecOps tools highlight code vulnerabilities within the development environment. This enables the DevOps team to write more secure code every time the codebase changes. DevSecOps carries out taint analysis and provides input sanitation for any bad actors attempting to exploit the system.

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For security and compliance automation, Chef Inspec enforces your policies in any environment. The rules are applied in automated tests, which can be run on traditional servers, modern containers and via cloud APIs.

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To ensure governance and system security, JFrog Xray enables continuous universal artifact analysis. Using a component graph to map dependencies, Xray will highlight any security or policy flaws for each artifact in your repository no matter the package format.

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For Application Security

  • Shift security left.
  • Automatically identify open source risks.
  • Rapidly remediate known vulnerabilities early, everywhere, at scale.

Proven Results:
CISOs minimize risk, automatically enforce open source policies and improve application security by 63%.

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For DevSecOps

  • Release faster with less risk.
  • Fully align Dev, Sec, and Ops teams.
  • Infuse automated governance into every phase of your CI/CD pipeline.

Proven Results:

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