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Solutions for the Entire DevOps Pipeline

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Modern software development lifecycles (SDLC) have evolved into extremely agile methodologies that establish cycles of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). The DevOps cycle allows development teams to build, test, and release code more frequently, consistently and with greater build stability.

To address the historical issues with waterfall-based development approaches, DevOps streamlines every feature build or bug fix through controlled and often automated disciplines. The seven main disciplines in a DevOps Cycle are plan, create, verify, package, release, configure, and monitor code. Any new issues that arise, or when users request changes, the cycle is repeated and new features added to the applications.

Additional oversight and control come in the form of centralized tool management, IT Service Management (ITSM), DevSecOps for system security, and finally full pipeline solutions in the form of Tool Suites.

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This is where teams plan code fixes and feature releases, gather requirements and determine the schedules for the subsequent disciplines. Requirements come in the form of reported issues, customer requests, or business stakeholders.
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The create discipline is where developers code new features or create fixes usually by using concurrent branches of the codebase. Updated code goes through a review cycle before the team merges new features back into the master branch. 
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Features and updates go through a series of tests, (usually automated) to ensure they meet unit, integration and functional requirements. Performance, load, security, and accessibility tests may also be required.
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Also called the build discipline, code is bundled and staged with dependencies, source libraries, and binaries all packaged together for release. Packages go through reviews and approvals in preproduction and are now ready for deployment.
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This is how teams deploy approved packages into production. Activities conducted during the release discipline include scheduling, orchestration, and provisioning. Releases should also contain fallback and recovery mechanisms.
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Configuring the infrastructure required for the new code, including storage, network, and database provisioning. It ensures new code remains operational within the system.
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Monitoring ensures the code performs as required, with customer satisfaction and IT Infrastructure performance providing feedback to the DevOps team. New issues that arise go back to the planning discipline, thus completing the continuous delivery of the DevOps cycle.
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Security or DevSecOps

Integrated as part of the DevOps cycle, DevSecOps ensures every build and release addresses the security of the entire system by assigning responsibility to the entire DevOps teams and cycles. Security tests and policy compliance is present during every stage of the Application Lifecycle (ALC).
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Centralized Tool Management

Integrating the tools used for the DevOps cycles to provide a single user interface that ensures data and information flow between departments and teams are consistent and complete.
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DevOps Tool Suites

Single applications that provide all the functionality for several or all of the disciplines of the DevOps cycle, including planning, coding, testing, QA, package, release, and monitoring features. Learn More

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IT Service Management (ITSM) Solutions

The mechanisms used by customers or stakeholders to report IT related issues via a service management interface. ITSM uses policies, processes, and supporting procedures to record, track, fix, and closeout any reported problems or new feature requests.
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