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DevOps Resolutions for a New Decade

The New Year is a time to set ambitious goals for your DevOps practice as we enter the 2020s decade. Here are our five recommendations to take your DevOps investment to the next level:

Measure Your DevOps Results.

DevOps can help improve business culture, speed up time to market, reduce errors, and more. This year make sure you’re tracking key performance indicators to demonstrate how DevOps is improving business outcomes and where additional opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks exist.

Evaluate Your Toolchain.

Whether you’re just getting started in your DevOps practice, or you have a mature culture, it’s time to re-evaluate your tool choices. DevOps tools that were promising five years ago may have been purchased by new companies, for better or worse. New challengers are shaking up the DevOps tools landscape while existing players are expanding their portfolios.

Modernize Your Apps.

How much technical debt is your team carrying forward because of an outdated architecture or vintage programming language? Now’s the time to map out the investment and effort it would take to refactor applications, begin fresh, or continue updating the current application.

Create a Culture that Incentivizes Collaboration.

It’s difficult for DevOps teams to succeed if compensation and organizational structures reward the lone wolves and sabotaging others. Work with management, HR, and IT leaders to identify and incentivize collaborative behavior that works towards shipping fast without breaking things.

Revamp Your Documentation Processes.

If your product documentation isn’t keeping up with your release cycles, it’s time to bring your writers into the DevOps team.

Happy New Year from ReleaseTEAM!

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