Collaborative Software Development

With more than 5 million users, the CollabNet Platform is the most widely used platform for distributed software development. CollabNet transforms the way software is developed by simplifying distributed development and enabling organizations to leverage global development talents to deliver better products and innovate faster.

Using the CollabNet Platform, project members can work as one team throughout the lifecycle of a project, regardless of their location. Unlike traditional software development tools, the CollabNet Platform supports globally distributed teams in a cost-effective way, yielding unprecedented annual savings through reduced development infrastructure costs, increased productivity, improved project visibility, and shared access to software assets.

Recognized and Relied On by Global 5000 Companies

More than 2500 companies rely on CollabNet for their distributed development, offshoring, outsourcing and partner co-development efforts. In April 2007, CollabNet acquired SourceForge Enterprise Edition from, bringing under one roof the two leaders in distributed software development.

Founded upon open source principles, CollabNet is also the company behind Subversion, the next-generation Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution. Subversion was named sole leader in standalone SCM in the Forrester Wave report for Software Configuration and Change Management, Q2, 2007.


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