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DevOptics: Measure and Manage Your Software Delivery

Take complete control of your DevOps Lifecycle with CloudBees DevOptics. You gain immediate visibility of your processes and can use those insights to reduce bottlenecks and optimize every stage of your continuous delivery.

As a single source of truth, CloudBees DevOptics connects your tools, teams, and value streams across your continuous development and application delivery lifecycles. Providing real-time indicators, it enables you to enforce industry best practices while fostering collaboration between teams.

CloudBees DevOptics integrates with your DevOps suite including Jenkins, CloudBees Core, and development tools such Jira, GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. Allowing you to drill down to individual pipelines, issues, and code commits to eliminate deficiencies from your value streams.

DevOps with Continuous Integration & Delivery at Your Fingertips

If you need to know more about the products and services offered by CloudBees to support your continued DevOps journey, contact ReleaseTEAM for assistance. Our team will advise and guide you in all facets of infrastructure requirements, deployment strategies, and compliance practices.

ReleaseTEAM is an authorized re-seller of CloudBees Products and licenses, providing support and consulting expertise on CloudBees Core, CodeShip DevOptics and Jenkins. Our consultants and engineers have extensive experience when it comes to ensuring our customers’ DevOps tools – and culture – remain productive.

By choosing ReleaseTEAM as your preferred DevOps partner, you can leverage a vetted version of Jenkins with specialized scaling and automated healing infrastructure, reducing downtimes and improving your enterprise’s governance.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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