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CloudBees Sales and Support

Continuous Delivery Solutions

Describing themselves as a globally distributed team of passionate bees – working to power the continuous economy – CloudBees provides continuous delivery software services.

Founded by Sacha Labourey and Michael Neale in 2010, they first provided a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) product until 2014. They now offer DevOps solutions specializing in enterprise-grade, rapidly deployable platforms and hosted services – backed by a core team with plenty of JBoss and Red Hat experience behind them.

What sets CloudBees continuous end-to-end software delivery system apart is their affinity for open source projects and their team’s proven experience when it comes to incubating them to fully-fledged products.

Leveraging the popular open source Jenkins automation server, CloudBees extends the feature set to cater for scalability, governance, administration, and rapid deployment.

With the recent acquisition of Electric Cloud, CloudBees a complete suite of CD solutions.

Products for DevOps Integration and Delivery

CloudBees Core

An End-to-End Software Delivery Pipeline

CloudBees Core is a powerful Enterprise DevOps solution, based on container architecture that allows on-demand scaling, according to your needs. Supporting modern cloud-native applications, legacy applications will also benefit from using the power of Kubernetes Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workloads.

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CloudBees CodeShip

Ship Faster with CI/CD as a Service

As a simple out-of-the-box CI environment, CloudBees CodeShip supports everything from Microservices to Monoliths and includes integration with all major cloud service providers.

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CloudBees DevOptics

Measure and Manage Your Software Delivery

CloudBees DevOptics connects your tools, teams, and value streams across your continuous development and application delivery lifecycles. Providing real-time indicators, it enables you to enforce industry best practices while fostering collaboration between teams.

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CloudBees Flow

Automate and Orchestrate Your Software Releases, Pipelines, and Deployments

CloudBees Flow allows you to deliver software faster and in a more predictable, scalable, and collaborative way – eliminating manual processes, release bottlenecks, and increased cost.

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CloudBees Accelerator

An End-to-End Software Delivery Pipeline

CloudBees Accelerator is a build and test acceleration platform for make-based, Android AOSP, Embedded Linux, BitBake, and Visual Studio build environments that intelligently and automatically parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs to dramatically lower build and test cycle times.

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Jenkins Support

Peace of Mind for Your Delivery Pipelines

Dedicated support and expertise to ensure you take full advantage of the powerful Jenkins automation server. Work with CloudBees customer success teams and developer support engineers to reduce risks and validate tools via a curated plugin catalog.

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Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or info@releaseteam.com today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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