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CloudBees Feature Management (Feature Flags/Rollout)

Get full control over every feature release

CloudBees Feature Flags is an enterprise-ready feature flag management solution, with robust deployment rules, audience segmentation, and an experimentation framework for controlling which audiences are exposed to what features. Feature flagging is a method to show or hide specific software features at runtime. Features are coded with a flag and “released” to production systems but only exposed to a given user if that user meets the criteria for the experiment. CloudBees Feature Flags speeds the pace of development by enabling the delivery of software changes as soon as they are code complete or even for testing an mvp within a subset of users. Feature flags are a popular and powerful capability for nearly any type of software. Some of the largest, most advanced online platforms have proven their value. Now any product or application that wants to streamline deployment and operations, or offer different functionality to different subsets of their audience for security, pricing, testing or product differentiation reasons will find them highly valuable.

Top benefits to CloudBees Feature Flags:

  • Faster Delivery
    Deliver code to production environments as soon as it’s complete — or even sooner. Don’t wait for a feature to trickle out across multiple servers in a highly scaled application; turn it on all at once when it’s ready, or selectively enable it for users.
  • Safety
    Test new code safely in production with blue/green and canary deployments. If a bug is discovered– even days later– don’t wait for a costly rollback of the whole application or a time-consuming patch and release process; just turn off that feature right away and then repair it.
  • Experimentation
    How does this feature impact revenue, user engagement, etc? Is it more effective with the big logo or a small one? Enable features only for certain customers to perform A/B testing. Analyze your metrics to make a data-driven decision about what works best.
  • Customization
    turn specific features on or off for particular customers, based on preferences, location, licensing, etc.

ake changes to production today with CloudBees Feature Management

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