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CloudBees CD/RO (Flow)

Ship your release on time.

CloudBees CD is a unified Application Release Orchestration platform that gives organizations unprecedented control and scalability of their software delivery cycles, allowing them to accelerate time to market, increase quality and reliability of software deployment and enforce corporate governance, security, and compliance in a consistent, predictable way.

CloudBees CloudBees CD provides release orchestration, deployment automation, and environment management capabilities, with integration to your existing DevOps toolchain and analytics to measure, track and improve your software delivery pipeline.

Through Release Orchestration, you can integrate and orchestrate all your existing tools, teams, and processes; ensuring fast, consistent and compliant promotion of releases across the various stages of your pipeline and accelerate your time to market. CloudBees CD provides full visibility into the progress of your releases and approval gates, giving you full control along the pipeline and allowing you to easily enforce corporate governance, security, and compliance.

Deployment Automation allows teams to predictably deploy their applications to any environment at any scale. The Environment reservations and environment history allow for control and insight into those environments. Environments On-Demand allows you to define, provision, and decommission environments on any private or public cloud. Deployment functionality such as Smart Deploy and automated roll-backs allow for efficient and unattended operation. Your process becomes repeatable and reliable leading to higher quality and minimized maintenance window.

DevOps Insight provides a comprehensive way to plan, schedule, and track releases, giving your organization actionable metrics through dashboards like the Continuous Integration Dashboard and the Release Command Center Dashboard, to support data-driven decision-making and visibility. Powered by machine learning and historical data from your toolchain, DevOps Foresight helps you to predict and reduce future risks of releases ahead of time.

The Benefits of CloudBees CD

  • Deployment Automation
    Predictably deploy any application to any environment at any scale
  • Release Orchestration
    Manage release pipelines and dependencies across all your teams, DevOps tools and environments
  • DevOps Insight
    Track progress and growth and identity patterns with 360º visibility into metrics across deployments and releases
  • Unified Platform
    Eliminate silos and reduce management overhead with a scalable, secure and centralized platform
  • Personalized for all DevOps use cases
    Build multiple role-based views to enable each team member real-time access to the same info in a way that is meaningful to their area of focus

Automate and orchestrate releases at scale with CloudBees Continuous Delivery

If you need to know more about the products and services offered by CloudBees to support your continued DevOps journey, contact ReleaseTEAM for assistance. Our team will advise and guide you in all facets of infrastructure requirements, deployment strategies, and compliance practices.

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