ReleaseTEAM's ClearConn
ClearConn is ReleaseTEAM's custom integration between Rational Software's Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest.

ClearConn has been created using best practices learned from implementing custom solutions for many customers. Software development groups have many different requirements for integrations between their source code control tool and their change and defect-tracking tools.

ClearConn takes into account this wide variety of requirements, and is very configurable. ClearConn has also been developed for high performance: ClearConn will not slow down Rational ClearCase performance.

Pricing and Licensing
ClearConn typically will only require one license per site. 15 day trial licenses and 1 year paid licenses are available. Licensed customers are entitled to free phone and email support and product upgrades. Call for more details 720 887 0489.

Customer Support
ReleaseTEAM proudly stands behind it's products, and support is available 24/7, when leaving a message or an email please be sure to leave complete contact information including Name, Company and a phone number where you may be reached

ClearConn Whitepaper


For more information on ClearConn and a quote to purchase, please contact us.


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