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Build Forge

IBM Rational Build Forge

IBM Rational Build Forge provides complete build and release process management through an open framework that helps development teams standardize, automate tasks and share information.

Build Forge can help clients accelerate software delivery, improve software quality, as well as meet audit and compliance mandates.

Build Forge provides a management layer on top of your existing build scripts, batch files, and other processes. No new proprietary scripting languages are needed and no throw-away work! As a result, you are up and running in a matter of days.

ReleaseTEAM can migrate your existing build structure to Build Forge. We start with an assessment of your builds, and create a basic Build Forge framework which can then be fine tuned and optimized for best performance. Often clients can see a large reduction in build times and lower occurrence of failed builds.

Build Forge brings an ease of use that is applied across the build environment, allowing you to define the level of knowledge needed to fire off builds.

Build Forge in conjunction with our expertise with Make, Ant, Perl and other build and scripting tools, creates a complete build automation solution. Using Build Forge as the central engine in a build automation project enables standards across different builds and projects.

ReleaseTEAM is known for optimizing builds using ClearMake, Make and Ant, with Build Forge we can further reduce build times and reduce the human element of inducing errors into builds.

Build Forge

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IBM Rational Build Forge

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