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DevOps: Going Beyond Silos

Businesses turn to DevOps to streamline their product life cycles, reduce barriers to releases, and get to market faster. One phrase you’ll hear often is that "DevOps breaks down silos." Silos in organizations happen at several levels: functional teams,...

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People, Processes, and Tools: The Foundation of DevOps

DevOps cannot be implemented by merely installing a tool or following a specific meeting schedule. Instead, the technology you use to enable DevOps and the processes you follow must be underpinned by a DevOps culture. Depending on which article you’re reading, the...

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ReleaseTEAM Delivers Public Sector Solutions

Public entities face many of the same problems as the private sector, with additional overheads coming from government policies while working with additional budgetary constraints. Under these conditions, agencies may think that moving to an agile development model...

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Securing Government DevOps Workflows

Government agencies require enhanced security due to the nature and sensitivity of the information processed daily. The DevOps lifecycle doesn’t necessarily invoke a sense of information safety, simply due to the frequency of releases involved when adopting the...

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